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Posted Sep 25, 2020 Atlanta, Georgia


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Application Due Oct 12, 2020


Title of RFQ: GMA HQ North Mural
Owner: Georgia Municipal Association, Inc.
Site Location: 201 Pryor St, SW, Atlanta, GA 30303
Date of Issue: 9/21/2020
Last Day/Time to Submit Questions: 10/2/2020 at 5:00 PM EST
Statement of Qualifications Due: 10/12/2020 at 5:00 PM EST
Statement of Qualifications Submission Location: Electronic submission via email to

The Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) seeks proposals from Georgia based artists to design and paint a large mural that will adorn the north façade of the parking deck at their new headquarters building. Comprehensive Program Services (CPS) is acting as the Owner’s Representative.

• Eligible artists will be Georgia based, reside in Georgia, or have ties to Georgia, however two of these three are required. Artists must have experience in graphic design.
• Artists shall have previously created large-scale public art or exterior projects on their own or as an artist team
• Artists must carry proper insurance for the duration of the project.
o $1,000,000 single occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate
• Artists must be willing to meet contractual obligations, adhere to the budget, and timeline

Visual artists who reside in Georgia are invited to submit proposals for an innovative and colorful two-dimensional mural for the North wall of the Georgia Municipal Association’s new headquarters. Artists are encouraged to create a contemporary work that addresses both the mission, interests and scope of the Association, as well as the character, diversity and role of cities, their leaders, the work of their employees, and the citizens they serve in the context and history of Georgia’s cities.

The goals of this mural are to:
• Share the intrinsic value of Georgia’s cities on the state’s economy, agriculture, character,
charm and bright energy. This mural should broaden viewers’ perspectives and awareness of the
role of cities by celebrating the impact of cities as hubs of culture, diversity, innovation, centers
of commerce, incubators of ideas and cradles of democracy, all of which foster the dynamism of
the state.
• Connect the GMA mission and the associations three pillars: Advocacy. Service. Innovation. to
its evolving slogan of “Cities United.” This mural should serve as a welcoming, positive, upbeat,
energetic, non-controversial space for visitors, GMA staff members, city officials, area residents
and area workers.
• Build community and a sense of pride amongst member cities across the state who visit the
GMA headquarters and strive to improve working relationships with state leaders and legislators.
• Highlight the dedication that GMA has for all its member cities and articulate the association’s
core values. This mural will also highlight the work and passion of a Georgia-based artist around
the themes and concepts in this document and GMA guidance.

• Please confirm your interest in this project via email to
o This will ensure that you receive future communications regarding the project, including
answers to all submitted questions.

• The qualifications review committee will check responses in accordance with the criteria.
o Responses not meeting all criteria will not be considered for review.
o The respondents will be shortlisted to smaller group of finalists.
o Qualified finalists will be notified and provided with a Request for Proposal (RFP).
o The RFP will include a concept sketch and in-person (or virtual) interview with the
selection committee.
o Finalists will be compensated $500 for submitting this work.
• Please send your proposals in a single PDF document to
o The subject line should read “GMA North Mural – Artist Name”
o Max 20 MB file size.
o Link to cloud storage download (i.e. OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, etc.) are acceptable.


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