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The Creatives Project is excited to expand its residency program to include TCP’s ART-FORCE housing program! ART-FORCE will provide ten Atlanta based artists with affordable housing, shared studio space, and exhibition opportunities for a two-year cycle beginning Feb 1st, 2021. In exchange, each resident will serve the surrounding communities through educational programs on and offsite through TCP’s Community Arts Program (CAP).

2nd floor unit at the Academy Lofts.
2nd floor unit at the Academy Lofts.

The residency will provide participants with flexible below market units while engaging their creative skills for the greater good. Access to additional TCP amenities on and off-site such as studios, classrooms, and gallery space will foster creative growth and innovation. While in the program residents will also receive promotional support, exhibition opportunities, and professional development.

ART-FORCE will create new opportunities for Atlanta’s burgeoning arts community and enable the city to retain its creative talents, while having a profound impact on the areas economy by building community life, attracting visitors, and increasing cultural activity.

TCP is dedicated to supporting the day-to-day lives of creative individuals. Understanding the financial stresses associated with pursuing a career in the arts, it is our mission to offer creatives various levels of support while nurturing the arts ecosystem through arts education service. Learn more about our residencies HERE.


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