Local Member Discounts

C4 Atlanta members can receive discounts at other local Atlanta retail location and organizations for purchases, events, performances and more . Please check the Main Member Portal page for the most up-to-date list of Member Discounts available, as this list changes based on availability regularly.

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Cross Membership Discounts

Members of C4 Atlanta can purchase discounted memberships to other arts organizations through our Cross Membership program. Each participating organization has specific instructions for purchasing or enrolling as a member. In most cases, you must use a special link from the member portal or a discount code available only to C4 Atlanta members. These codes are exclusive to C4 Atlanta members only and are not intended for other artists or members of other organizations. Offers vary based on organization and availability. Check the main Member Portal page for the most current list of available Cross Membership offers. 

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C4 Atlanta Class Discounts

C4 Atlanta members receive discounted pricing on all C4 Atlanta education programs. In addition, C4 Atlanta also offers a selection of classes free to members each year. In order to receive your class discount, check the “I am a C4 member” or “Member Price” option when enrolling in any of C4 Atlanta’s Education programs. The pricing reflected will be the discounted member price. Additionally, you can add a C4 Atlanta membership (or renew) AND receive the C4 member price while enrolling for any of our education programs by choosing the “Discounted Member Price + Membership” option when enrolling. 

Discounted member pricing for each education program is listed on the class page, along with registration form and information. To see the most current calendar of classes and training check out our full Training Calendar.

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C4 Atlanta Class Scholarships

C4 Atlanta raises funds each year for our Scholarship Fund so that low-income artists are able to attend our classes and programs.  C4 Atlanta believes investing in professional development is an important part of developing as a professional artists. We think artists should be able to access education when it is appropriate in their career trajectory, not just when they have the funds available.  Applying for a class scholarship is a benefit of C4 Atlanta. Scholarships are reserved for Ignite, AIM Atlanta, and Website Bootcamp. Number available varies based on availability of funding for each program. All scholarships are first come, first served and once available funds have been allotted, no additional scholarships may be available.

Scholarship eligibility is based on need. In order to apply and be approved for scholarship, you generally must be available to attend all class dates. If you are not able to attend all program dates, we recommend that you consider applying for another class date. If you do not attend all class dates for a program for which you are granted a scholarship, you will be ineligible to apply again for any other C4 Atlanta class scholarships. 

To apply for a scholarship for an upcoming C4 Atlanta program, please contact Education Director Audrey Gámez at audrey@c4atlanta.org to learn more about the application process.

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Atlanta Unifieds

Application to the Atlanta Unified Auditions and Designer Meet and Greet is an exclusive benefit of C4 Atlanta memberships. Actors and designers wishing to apply for Unifieds may pay for their membership along with application. OR if you have previously purchased a C4 Atlanta membership, you can check the “I am already a C4 Atlanta member” on the Unifieds Application. All those applying to Unifieds MUST a C4 Atlanta membership which is current THROUGH APRIL of the current audition year, no exceptions. If your membership is not current through this time period, you should plan to renew your membership during the application process. To learn more about Atlanta Unifieds, visit the Atlanta Unifieds program page.

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Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program

Application to the Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program is an exclusive benefit of C4 Atlanta membership. The Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program is uniquely designed to help those who are uninsured and low income pay for a standard Kaiser Permanente for Individuals and Families (KPIF) plan. As a Community Benefit initiative, the Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program will subsidize the full monthly premium for up to 24 months. Coverage includes preventive services, hospitalization, comprehensive pharmacy and more.

C4 Atlanta hosts 2 enrollment events for C4 Atlanta members for the Kaiser Permanente Bridge program each year during Open Enrollment in the fall. Check the Kaiser Permanente Bridge program page for enrollment dates and times.

In order to apply for this program, C4 Atlanta members must meet ALL SEVEN program eligibility requirements, including membership. For a list of all program requirements, refer to the Kaiser Permanente Bridge program page.

For questions about this program, please contact Education Director Audrey Gámez at audrey@c4atlanta.org.

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