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Hatch Lesson 5: Negotiation and Contracts, Risk and Budget

Lesson 5 – Facilitator Workbook Hatch Lesson 5 : Negotiations and Contracts, Risk and Budgets

The above link is a pdf to Lesson 5 of the Hatch Training Intensive, a 4-month program at C4 Atlanta for artists interested in working with community.  This PDF includes materials for the facilitator(s), including lesson plans, course agendas, exercise descriptions, and worksheets. This lesson in particular focuses on building skills for negotiation when working in community-based art, understanding contracts and legal issues in collaborative community work, assessing risk, and creating budgets for public art. This program is one learning module within a 4-month program where artists meet and work collaboratively to build skills to work on community-based art-making. 

Hatch Lesson 5 – Complete Lesson Slides

This is a PDF copy of the lesson slides for Hatch Lesson 5. 
These course materials examples represent the depth, breadth and planning of our professional development offerings.
C4 Atlanta Tenth Anniversary Video
This video was created on the 10th anniversary of C4 Atlanta’s founding to commemorate the spirit in which the organization was founded as reflected against the events of 2020 and the role of Atlanta Artists.

COVID-19 Atlanta Artists Impact Survey

In April 2020, C4 Atlanta undertook a field-wide survey of Atlanta artists to assess the needs of artists and financial impact of COVID-19 related closures and social distancing. Dekalb Entertainment Commission acted as a partner to help distribute more broadly and the Atlanta Regional Commission helped with data collection and analysis. The two reports below share the data compiled from this survey.

C4 Atlanta-Atlanta COVID-19 Artist Impact Survey Preliminary Findings Blog

THis blog post was originally released in May 2020 after survey close to share some initial Raw Data from the survey.  Originally shared on C4 Atlanta’s blog, This data was shared locally with decisionmakers considering Atlanta Jobs, unemployment and economic impact in the wake of COVID-19, in addition to other artists and arts organizations. Additionally, C4 Atlanta shared our findings with MidAmerica Arts Alliance to compare our data with that of a national partner.

C4 Atlanta COVID-19 Artist Impact Survey Report – Results with graphs

A more detailed data report was released in June 2020 with deeper dives and comparisons of C4’s initial data from the survey with other key labor and unemployment statistics. Additionally, this report also breaks out some data sets into demographic or discipline related groups for closer analysis.
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This Rack Card shows C4 ATlanta’s core Professional Practice Course offerings 2019-2020.
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