Pledge to Vote in November 2020

Why does an arts organization care about voting?

C4 Atlanta believes in the power of artists to change and create the communities in which we wish to live and thrive. Artists have power in numbers, and statistically, artists vote.

In 2020, with a 64% unemployment rate in our industry, it is important, now more than ever, that artists use their voting power to help select elected officials that support the ideals which they believe can best help them to grow and thrive in our city.

C4 Atlanta is a 501(C)3 organization. We do not support any candidate or party, but we do encourage every artist to utilize your power as a voter to support candidates and policies that align with your personal values and career goals, whatever those may be.

Photo of a fist with the words: "vote" on the knuckles
Image by C. Flux Sing
Right top corner says: Buck the System. Image with a black bullhorn with light blue lettering: VOTE.

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