Celebration of Dance

ELAH Productions presents Celebration of Dance (CoD)! This Award Show and Conference honors and recognizes dancers, choreographers, and directors for their traditional and innovative contributions to the dance and entertainment industry.

Our goal is to highlight trail blazers in the entertainment community of Atlanta who have truly paved the way.

CoD will celebrate visionaries, global ambassadors, game changers, and advocates for arts and arts education dedicated to the continuous development of dance.

Our event will be comprised of workshops, seminars, luncheons, panels, great guests, and live performances from some of the most sought after entertainers in the industry.



ELAH Productions, LLC is an entertainment and performance arts company founded in 2015 that provides quality events and dance related resources to local communities. ELAH Productions focuses on creating live and scripted content for entertainers to showcase their talents.


  • Motivate artists to reach their fullest potential through collaboration: influencing collective genius
  • Create substantial content that celebrates dance and other artistic avenues
  • Educate the community by providing them with access to proper training
  • Empower artists to be multifaceted.

Vision: To assist Atlanta artists in earning a living making art.

Begins: January 1, 2016
Ends: October 7, 2016