Collective Impact ATL is a fiscally sponsored artist project of C4 Atlanta, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts service organization.

Collective Impact ATL

Collective Impact ATL pairs social and environmental justice organizations with a network of creative doers found within the lenspeace community to come together to solve Atlanta’s collective concerns in partnership with the organizations and individuals who specialize in solving those social issues.
Step 1. Partner with an NPO or purpose-centered, culturally positive project.
Step 2. Uncover real problem statements or pain points.
Step 3. Invite Atlanta professional creative, civic, and change-maker communities.
Step 4. Have a Path to Impact session for 2-4 hours.
Step 5. Deliver an impact strategy case study to the partnered organization and publish the case study.
Step 6. Create a limited edition letterpress print to revive lenspeace’s letterpress justice program, A Year In Giving.
Step 7. Find sponsors/grants/funding to support implementation with small collaborative teams created from the strategy sessions.
Step 8. Implement creative strategy for NPO & publish a case study.

Begins: March 5, 2019
Ends: March 5, 2020