What is a Critical Crop Top?

That is a very good question, my friend! Critical Crop Top is a women-run production company that creates comedic content in the form of short web videos, live sketch shows, and podcasts. The key thing that makes Critical Crop Top different from your average, everyday comedy group is that we tell stories and make jokes from a socially conscious perspective.

Critical Crop Top provides opportunities for women and minorities to write, produce, direct, and perform original material from their unique perspectives, because we believe that comedy brings communities together and fosters social change. Feminism? Check. Frank and funny jabs at the parts of society that put us in hot pursuit of social justice? Check. Fart jokes? Double check.

In addition to our short comedy videos and weekly podcast, (which you can find more information about on we also produce a live sketch comedy show right here in Atlanta! And that, my friend, is where you come in.

What is the 2017 Summer of Sketch?

We are currently raising money for our 2017 Summer of Sketch: three sketch comedy shows in June, August, and September, with five total performances. We will assemble a diverse group of Atlanta writers/performer to create comedic sketches with our special patented blend of satire, social commentary, absurdity, and yes, again, fart jokes.

We produce our sketch shows with three weeks of writing and development and two weeks of rehearsal. In addition to actors performing written sketches, each show will include a spoken word poet, improvised bits, and a musical guest or two to bring new ideas and specialties to the ensemble. Last year, we performed our sketch show for two nights to sold out audiences and we were also profiled in Creative Loafing.

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Where does the money go?

We here at Critical Crop Top are dedicated to paying all the people who make the sketch show happen, including the stage managers and lighting and sound technicians. We think that in order to put on the best show possible, our cast and crew need to be well fed, have a place to call home, and maybe a little extra spending money in their pocket in case they want to add guac.

Your donation will also help us pay for venue rental! We want to make sure we have the coolest spot with plenty of parking, maybe a bar for some adult libations, and a killer stage with enough seating for you and all of your besties. And let’s not forget that to put on the highest quality show, we need proper costumes and props to create the stage magic to makes you laugh so hard you just might pee a little. So we need a little cheddar for that too.

We also think our super-amazing-awesome-totally-rad fiscal sponsor C4 Atlanta needs to get some cred. They help us all year long by making all monetary and in-kind donations to Critical Crop Top tax deductible, so 8% of all the funds we raise go to C4 Atlanta.

What’s in it for me?

Don’t worry, Critical Chums, we are all about reciprocity. Every donation to Critical Crop Top is completely tax deductible thanks to our fiscal sponsor, C4 Atlanta! We accept both monetary and in-kind donations from individuals as well businesses.

If you are a corporation or business that would like to partner with Critical Crop Top as an sponsor, we offer a number of affordable tiers with opportunities for community engagement that will fit your budget. If you’re interested in becoming a business sponsor please email us at  for more information.

Thanks for donating, Crop Toppers! We can’t wait to entertain you this summer!

Begins: November 1, 2016
Ends: October 31, 2017