Gentle Tiger Brave and Strong

Gentle Tiger Brave and Strong  was created as an artist’s response to the violence inflicted on young people, as well as, to give support and encouragement to young people overcoming an illness, physical challenge or life’s adversity with courage and strength. It is also created to provide a platform for other artists to respond to the senseless violence inflicted on young people.

We feel compelled to propose positive and non-violent action as a response to disturbing and particularly horrific acts of violence.

To implement this program, several projects are offered. The Tee Shirt Project will offer to children in hospitals a free tee shirt with the print of the Gentle Tiger image as recognition of children who are living with an illness or physical challenge with courage and strength. Free tee shirts will also be given to children in schools to help promote non-violence.

The Coloring Book Project will commence with a call for art from artist for images of overcoming challenges or wounds with kindness, and hope. Stories with illustrations of non-violence will be requested. The juried selected images and stories will be collected for the publication of a coloring/workbook for distribution to schools and children’s hospitals free of charge.

The success of this organization and project is dependent on the support of the creative arts community, as well as the academic, early social skills development, and children’s health care community. If you are interested in helping with this program, please donate.

Begins: June 4, 2015
Ends: June 4, 2016