Guardians of Gaia : A Touch of Goddesspell

“Goddesspell” is an innovative, original musical being created in collaboration with many artists of varied disciplines as a celebration of the feminine spirit and it’s principle (yin) coming into balance with the masculine (yang). For a show synopsis and artist bios click here.

We are raising money for the first step in this journey which is the presentation and touring of a preview concert by the core ensemble (including The Pacha Mamas) which we are calling “A Touch of the Goddess.” During this performance, pieces from the show will be shared and feedback and ideas will be sought after from the audience and guest artists. The money we raise will go primarily towards the purchase of some sound equipment and a projector, as well as the creation of a backdrop, a few costumes and props. Raising this money is also a very important step for us in getting a grant for the production of the musical (hopefully in the relatively near future) since grantors want to see that we have done some of our own fundraising before they are willing to give us $$$.

We greatly appreciate your support on this journey and look forward to keeping you abreast on our progress (click here to follow my blog)! We also hope to see you at one of our “A Touch of the Goddess” performances next year and welcome your feedback at anytime! Thanks!!!

Begins: September 22, 2014
Ends: May 31, 2016