The Humble Telescopes (THT)

The Humble Telescopes (THT) focus on nurturing the psychological and self-fulfillment needs of the youth served at Covenant House, Families First, CHRIS Kids, and Nicholas House. THT utilizes arts and culture to bring intentional, relevant and safe workshops to:

  • address the disparities in access and exposure to art
  • provide a safe creative outlet
  • improve social development and emotional intelligence that enables the youth to establish healthy relationships
  • gain confidence and a fulfilled sense of self
  • get closer to achieving their full potential

The years of direct engagement led THT to do more research about the state of homeless youth and those in the foster care system, all considered to be at-risk. As of May 2016, more than 3,330 homeless and runaway youth, ages 14-25, have been reported to be in shelters, on the streets, or in other precarious housing situations in the metro Atlanta area. In 2014, the number of children and youth in foster care rose to 13,000 while the number of 4,000 foster homes remained the same. The number of child and youth supersedes the number exiting the system. To further compound the issue, state funds do not cover the current need thus perpetuating the struggles of shelters and youth-serving organizations to meet the immediate needs of this population.

The Humble Telescopes is led by a group of friends with an idea years ago to focus on good. Frederic Sisouvanh received his Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Administration and currently works with youth in the foster care system in various capacities at Families First. Stephanie Kong received her Bachelors in Social Work and utilized art therapy to work with children in the foster care system. Together they have over 10 years of volunteer work focused on at-risk and homeless youth. Working with childhood friend and artist, Wonho Lee, and award-winning Atlanta photographer, Ryan Vizzions, who played an integral role to bringing forth the Humble Telescopes (THT), these friends developed nine workshops over the last year connecting legendary Atlanta artists to homeless youth and those in the foster care system. The artists they have worked with include:

  • Fahamu Pecou
  • Paper Frank and Nuri Durr
  • Dr. Dax
  • Kyle Brooke
  • Peter Ferrari
  • Fabian Williams
  • Mister Totem
  • Brandon Sadler aka Rising Red Lotus
  • DJ Burn One and Indeedface

Begins: October 10, 2016
Ends: October 10, 2017