The IceBreaker

The Icebreaker will educate the public on the many phases of African traditional spiritual expression while tearing down the walls of the norm of how we use our spirituality as liberating expression and giving a new ideology to the word, “Church.” It will show the traditions travel through-out the world (specifically west African countries, Cuba, and a few of the largest city streets in the United States) and how it is expressed in music, song, and dance.

The project will consist of a series of workshops, classes, and demonstrations through the southeast region of the United States, beginning and ending with colleges and universities in Georgia. The cultures will demonstrate and share their own personal experience/expressions learned in the streets/homes of their home towns, then the choreographers will collaborate to create a production (never seen before) that shows the similarities and connections of spirit and culture of African people/descendants across the world.  Portions of the production will be presented after scheduled classes and workshops and the major production, at the end of the project and will tour upon request.

Begins: August 12, 2016
Ends: August 12, 2017