Julian Cano for Murmur

Murmur Media Yearly Programs Initiative

Since 2014, Murmur has served as a unique resource for Atlanta artists, activists, and creatives. Our programming offers accessible, invaluable insight into DIY culture. We are an organization that provides spaces, tools, and educational opportunities with the specific intention of facilitating each individual’s involvement in DIY media. Murmur’s vision is to make this as expansive and affordable as possible. Our success can be defined by the scope of our community outreach as we strive to include underserved and untapped groups.

Murmur is a resource not only for local creatives, but also for the people of Downtown Atlanta. On a functional level, we are a DIY space providing South Downtown with a mix of interactive ephemeral media activities, facilitating the exploration of ideas and issues that permeate within the community. This allows us to attract and impact a diverse landscape of minds, from those that frequent South Broad Street on a day to day basis, students, people of color and LGBTQ folks. We remain intentionally accessible to whoever would like to become involved in our events.

Currently, we are undergoing a number of programmatic, structural, and operational changes requiring community support to ensure we remain a strong creative and social incubator. As a small non-profit organization, public support keeps Murmur open and functioning. In addition to supporting our programming, your donation will go toward major repairs to our space on Broad Street. It’s been a hot summer and we need your help to literally keep Murmur cool!

Your donation of as little as $35 can help us significantly improve our operations.

Please consider supporting our efforts to keep Murmur cool and accessible to the South Downtown creative community and beyond!

Nina Dolgin for Murmur
FRKO for Murmur
Estela Semeco for Murmur
Julian Cano for Murmur

Begins: September 1, 2016
Ends: August 31, 2017