My Time 2B Blessed

Project exemplify family love, a mother educating her children, 1 son and 9 daughters about the power of love that can conquer anything. At the tender age of understanding, we were told that she refuses to loose any of her children to drugs, alcohol, and the brutal streets. Bettie (mother) taught us to love ourselves for who we are, love family, and to love others. As years passed, surprisingly mother realized she had given birth to more than 10 beautiful children, but, they were all musically inclined! Needless to say the small 3 bedroom, 1 bath house where 12 abode became a music box in the neighborhood, children and adults gathered in the yard to hear the joyful sounds. Presently, Murphy & Bettie’s children are professional singers and musicians, they have won and been nominated for many prestigious awards. And the beats continues in 2016 as they sing together on stages across this country, sharing the power of unconquered LOVE!!

Begins: August 1, 2016
Ends: November 1, 2016