The Pansy Patrol

Pansy Patrol’s mission is to use the giant colorful pansies as an artistic expression to involved, educate, and energize the public in the best and most positive way possible.

Pansy Patrol is an artistic piece with our focus being the many colorful Pansies that we create. Our goal is to use artistic expression to block out and peacefully counter protest and haters that show up to disrupt the Gay Pride Parade each year. We have been successful in creating many beautiful giant colorful pansies over the years.

Now in our 4th year, Pansy Patrol has seen the benefits of our presence. We have raised awareness of the situation at hand, brought people together, got people involved in making pansies, and continued to show that there is a more fun, positive, and effective way to deal with negativity.

Please consider donating to our efforts today!

Begins: September 16, 2016
Ends: August 16, 2017