Nonprofit Administration Fellowship & Clinic – Phase 1: Research

Hi, I’m Daniel and my company, Summers.Solutions, is creating a Nonprofit Administration Fellowship & Clinic: a way for graduate students to receive practical experience while providing free aid to local nonprofits and charitable projects.

What’s that again?
Similar concept as a Legal Aid Clinic, but focused on providing free assistance to charitable projects, staffed by graduate students.

Oh, and we want to make it a program that can be implemented anywhere and not just Atlanta.

Setting Mutual Expectations

To be clear, this is a multi-phase endeavor and this project covers Phase 1 only, during which we will research the pedagogy, costs, and other requirements of creating such a program; secure academic partnerships; install an initial program advisory council; and identify potential donors, sponsors, and community partners.

Does anyone need some free advice?

To help identify potential needs to be addressed by the larger program, Summers.Solutions will provide free marketing advice and basic administrative guidance to local artists and nonprofits during Phase 1.

The only catch: we’re going to take those free advice sessions and turn them into progress blogs and videos, tutorials and interviews, case studies, email updates, and similar content that will be regularly freely released online at Summers.Solutions.

But Planning isn’t Free
We’re prepared to spend 20 hours a week (minimum) for the next 6 months on this project. That includes all of the time for all of the things, including providing free advice to artists for the case studies, meetings with partner organizations, creating and analyzing data, determining a viable funding strategy for Phase 2, and more.

But, there are bills to be paid during that time, as well as some incremental cost to doing the research project (materials, insurance, and such).

Maybe you can help me help others?

Ways to get involved
There are two main ways to be involved in this project:

  1. Donate through this website. Donations are tax-deductible; Donors receive recognition and regular updates on the project.
  2. Invest via our main website. Investments are not donations; however, Investors get to have a say in how the project is run, guiding the process through online surveys as well as some investor-only meetups.

It’s totally cool to be both. (hint hint)

What’s the goal of Phase 1?
A big fancy “Phase 2: Implementation campaign” proposal with lots of charts, graphs, case studies, testimonials, funding and budget recommendations, letters of intent, and more presented at a fun, free, public reception.

Want more information?
Visit us online at Summers.Solutions and sign-up for our email updates.

About Daniel & Summers.Solutions
Daniel Summers, Jr, is the head cat at Summers.Solutions, a coaching agency specializing in nonprofit/cause-driven arts, culture, and destination marketing. Daniel works with those who are new to marketing or leadership roles to improve their business practices in order to better fulfill their altruistic mission. He serves a Secretary of the Board of Directors for the ATL Airport area destination marketing organization. Daniel is also on the national PR and Marketing professional networking board of the American Alliance of Museums.

Begins: November 1, 2016
Ends: May 1, 2017