T . Lang Dance Company : Post

Post, set inside an antebellum home with an interactive revival tent on the lawn, focuses on connecting historical past with historical present using dance and technology as a bridge to explore the depths of human behavior and emotional connectivity. Seeing the multiplicity of these two forms, T. Lang Dance collaborates with digital media engineers Jessica Anderson and Sebastian Monroy and visual artists George Long and David Baerwald in reimagining past, present and future.

Artistic Director and choreographer, T. Lang will invent movement that will be performed inside an antebellum home where each room is activated with responsive elements. The use of sensors and actuators in the performance environment is an exploration of generative art techniques within a real-time performative movement piece. The visual artists will create the imagery incorporated into interactive experiences, while the digital media engineers will design and program the responsive effects.

The embedded technology is being customized for Post to include responsive digital environmental effects and a large projected mapped space, allowing effects to both exist within the antebellum home and on the lawn inside a revival tent. The intentional combination of interactive technologies, dance, and visual art aims to conceptualize another perspective towards reunification and cosmic order.

Post will break new ground merging contemporary dance and state-of-the-art techniques in performance technology, yielding a space where dancers can perform with a digitally-augmented responsive environment. All four movements have masterfully blended entry points of creative exploration by intersecting dance, technology, and afrofuturism. These forms experiment with reimagining and contextualizing historical references through an untapped yet curious lens for performance.

Post explores the aftermath of reunification during America’s reconstruction era. This work investigates personal journeys of healing from lost memories while regaining a new sense of resilience ignited by dreams. Post steps inside the power of cosmic order and the extreme spectrums adjusting to a new time and space. Through entangled aggressive movements to staggeringly tender moments, this final work explores the familiar complexities of rediscovery as the search for love ends to only begin again.

Begins: September 23, 2016
Ends: September 1, 2017