Dare Dream Dance’s vision is to mold and cultivate dancers and artists, whose names may eventually be written in history books.

The main objective is to develop artists who will transition seamlessly and successfully into the rigorous worlds of high school, collegiate and professional dance.

With a firm curriculum and skills obtained, students will have the opportunity to gain access to a vast network of career-enhancing individuals. These attributes will also help to prepare these artist for a successful and fulfilling career in the art form of dance.

Our intentions are quite simple. We plan to develop individuals with strong foundations in their craft though excellent education and training.


Your Donation Dollars At work

Whether your a platinum giver or an admirer of 3D, your donation dollars go immediately to work to continue our mission statement towards excellence! Majority of our fiscal budget goes toward renting space to run 3D as well as prepare for our spring concert production.  Collaborating and bringing in guest artist is a huge factor to ensuring our students are exposed to many forms & styles of dance as well as opportunity.  Through our planned summer intensives, our students will be able to gain intensive dance training in the many different idioms of classical dance as well as commercial dance education.

By becoming a partner with 3D, you also become an integral investor into the lives of so many talented youth, by assisting them through development to pursue their dreams.  The return on your donation won’t go unnoticed either!  Not only will you receive the great opportunities listed under your selected giving level, but you will also be forever remembered as the donor that aided in the success of each of our students!

Pursuing excellence is no doubt a daunting task, however with the right combination of amazing students, faculty, and rock star donors like yourself, our goal to build the next generation of artistic leaders through dance will be captured.


Project Breakdown


Project Breakdown

The Many faces of Dare Dream Dance




Begins: August 15, 2015
Ends: August 15, 2016