Tiny Doors ATL

Greetings, Tiny Friends!

We are Tiny Doors ATL, a public art project dedicated to free and accessible art for people of all ages and abilities. If you’re new to Tiny Doors ATL, you can read more about us here.

We are raising funds to keep this tiny project active for everyone to enjoy! This fundraiser reflects the project’s creative and collective spirit: your name on a book in our new tiny library!

This isn’t just an opportunity to support a project you enjoy. It’s also a chance to give a unique gift, share a personalized message with Atlanta, and add your name to a public art project with widespread impact.

What can go on a book spine?

Anything!! Well, almost anything. Add your hashtag, initials, your name, your pet’s name, a sonnet for your sweetie… up to 10 characters per book! For $100 we throw in an extra book, so there are 5 to share! These books will live in a children’s bookstore and be visible to everyone. (For everyone’s safety we cannot publish addresses, phone numbers, or unkind words. Everything else is great!)


Where is the Tiny Library?

We can’t wait to share this tiny door renovation with you! The tiny library will be in the front window of Little Shop of Stories Book Store in Decatur Square. Tiny Door #4 has resided inside the bookstore for over two years and is already on our interactive map (www.tinydoorsatl.com/doors).


Where is the money going?

Maintenance and upgrades! Even tiny spaces need curb appeal! We dedicate 20 hours every week to maintaining the doors. Besides our time, we have expenses with tiny hardware, seasonal landscaping, replacement of major doors parts (and sometimes the whole door!) and additional supplies. Funds raised through this campaign will also allow us to replace our old doors with improved and durable resin.

In addition, 8% of all our funds will go to our fiscal sponsor organization C4 Atlanta, and your donation is tax deductible. You can read more about C4 Atlanta here.

Begins: July 15, 2015
Ends: October 1, 2017