Vernal & Sere Theatre

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Vernal & Sere is a theatre company that started in 2016 when its five co-founders were brought together by a passion for subversive, ensemble-driven work. Its inaugural production of Sincerity Forever by Mac Wellman opened in December of that year.
Vernal & Sere Theatre’s mission is to present imaginative, difficult, avant-garde theatre that makes no apologies or concessions. Our company name is a prime example of this vision. Samuel Beckett coined the phrase when describing a woman in his short story First Love, saying, “It looked neither young nor old, the face, as though stranded between the vernal and the sere. Such ambiguity I found difficult to bear…”
To us, ambiguity is key. We are drawn to work both classical and new that straddles the line between vernal and sere, fertility and barrenness, sacred and profane, happiness and grief. We ask our audiences to plunge headfirst into the void between these polarities and then reorient themselves to the difficult reality of being.

Begins: February 26, 2019
Ends: February 29, 2020