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Invest in Artists. Invest in Atlanta.

$10,000 = Quality Career Development Training for Artists in 2018

The purpose of this project is to raise $10,000 to career development education for artists. Creatives of all disciplines come to C4 Atlanta to learn the basics of arts marketing, building their own websites, establishing financial accountability, fundraising and strategic business planning all tailored to their specific occupational needs. Funds from this campaign will make possible affordable training of the highest quality for adult artists in Atlanta. The funds will also be used to provide scholarships for artists who demonstrate a financial need.

Why do artists need business training? We believe that small business drives economic growth, and by educating and emboldening artists to think of themselves as arts entrepreneurs, we strengthen the entire city. As creative professionals flourish in their careers, their wages rise, more jobs are created, more businesses succeed, more people are able to buy homes, and more neighbors are able to invest in their community. Professional development isn’t just good for artists; it’s good for Atlanta:

National data shows that artists who receive business development career training have a greater overall earning capacity than artists who don’t.

Arts nonprofits alone (not counting film and freelance work) contribute to over a half billion dollars in the city of Atlanta. Yet, artists earn, on average, $11,000 less per year than their peers in the professional sector. That is why our programs must remain affordable and accessible to a workforce that gives back so much to our city.

C4 Atlanta is the premier resource for career development for artists in Atlanta. Last year alone, we serviced over 1,200 artists through training and career building resources.

Without our scholarship program, many of our students in greatest need of our education would not be able to receive the services we provide. Give today to support the future of art(ists) in Atlanta!

Begins: December 1, 2017
Ends: January 31, 2018