The Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival

The Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival was born out of a desire to motivate local artists to continue to write musical theatre. BenjaminDavis, Founder and Executive Artistic Director, is an actor and producer. After participating in the New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2015 as a producer, Ben saw an opportunity in the ATL community to nurture the writing population. AMTF is designed to take new work a few paces further, via work with the Festival’s Artistic Advisors, to its presentation point at the Festival. The goals are many: that the piece will grow and evolve in this process; that the artist might learn a new part of the creative process; that a producing theatre or director might become interested in the piece, or the playwright, or an actor; & that there are new connections made.

Pledged of 10,000.00 Goal
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The mission of the AMTF is to “cultivate the next generation of theatre artists by mentoring talent, propelling new musicals forward, and celebrating the community in a supportive, nurturing, and creative environment.”
Don't Hate, Donate: 10.00

Our warmest and loudest shout-outs on Facebook & Twitter and a warm feeling for yourself knowing you helped cultivate the fine arts community in Atlanta

Friend of the Fest: 25.00
  • A video thank you blasted over the interwebs
  • An mp3 download of the crowdfunding campaign animated video EXTENDED track (minus Ben’s annoying voice)
Fest Best Friend: 50.00
  • A great big “THANKS” and even a “YOU ROCK” in the AMTF opening & closing speeches
  • Digital download of the AMTF poster that you can hang over your bed and gaze at as you drift off to sleep
Phantom of the Fest: 100.00
  • Personalized videos of AMTF rehearsals and behind-the-scenes process (aka, Blooper Reel) that shows all of the theatre magic and madness
Bronze Sponsor: 250.00
  • Meet and greet with AMTF performers so you can say you “knew them when”
  • Join us at the AMTF as a VIP guest and feel VERY IMPORTANT
  • Your name or your company logo in the AMTF program as a “Bronze Sponsor”
Silver Sponsor: 500.00
  • Your name or your company logo on the AMTF website, poster & program as a “Silver Sponsor”
  • Digital recording of the AMTF shows so that you can relive the magic whenever you want or even when you don’t want
Gold Sponsor: 1,000.00
  • Be a part of the VIP press red-carpet photos at the AMTF
  • Join us during rehearsals for the “Main Event Series” and see the work before it’s presented at the Festival
  • Recognition in all AMTF press releases as “additional support”
  • Your name or your company logo on the AMTF website, poster & program as a “Gold Sponsor”
Titanium Sponsor: 5,000.00
  • Title sponsor credit, includes GUESS WHAT, IT’S NAMED AFTER YOU. Ok, not TOTALLY, but your name will be included on all materials, social media, website, etc. It will adorn all printed materials and promotional materials for and at the event recognized as a “Titanium Sponsor”.
  • Big public thanks at AMTF as well as a SIGNATURE COCKTAIL named for you to be sold at the event
  • PLUS? All the perks you see above
  • AND Ben will probably kiss you. If you’re into that
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