Tiny Doors ATL

Hi, Friends!  We are Tiny Doors ATL, a public art installation brought to you by Karen Anderson, Sarah Meng, and the enthusiasm of the good people of Atlanta! Tiny Doors ATL brings big wonder to tiny spaces through the installation of small doors in public spaces. With the installation of a door, what was once a wall or the column of a bridge becomes an entrance to collective creativity.

We are dedicated to free and accessible art. You will never have to buy a ticket to see one of our doors and we do our best to keep them accessible to people of all ages and ability. The cause closest to our hearts is encouraging community by bringing people together through art.  If you’re new to Tiny Doors ATL, you can read more about us here.

We are raising funds to keep the project active for everyone to enjoy! In December, we are installing a new door. The exact location is both awesome and top-secret, but we can tell you the door will be created to fit the vibe of Cabbagetown. Here’s the coolest part- surrounding the door will be bricks and paver stones personalized by you!  This isn’t just an opportunity to support a rad public art project. It’s a chance to give a unique gift for the holidays, share a personalized message with Atlanta, and add your name to a public art project with broad impact.

Our public art door installations are, ya know, public. For this reason, we can’t publish anything that might violate personal privacy like phone numbers or addresses. Other than that, if it’s PG we’ll put that shiz on a brick!

Your personalized bricks and paver stones will be installed in a manner consistent with the detail, care, and longevity you’ve come to expect from Tiny Doors ATL. We can promise care and maintenance, but we cannot promise immortality. Part of the fun of this project is the risk of public art. Jump in with us!

Rad fundraiser, but exactly where is this money going and how much could it really cost to install and maintain small doors?

More than we thought!  Whew! We put 10-15 hours of maintenance into the doors each week. As a result, it can be hard to see the cost of a big project on a tiny scale. We are also fortunate to have generous donations for website hosting, accounting, legal questions, graphic design, and other awesome volunteers who help keep project costs low.

The initial cost of each door varies, but the process for creating each door is similar. Some of the steps include selecting a location, visioning, building, casting, installing, landscaping, ribbon cutting, and sharing it with you! After the door is installed, we provide cleaning and maintenance because we all want neighbors with curb appeal!

After a year of developing our technique, we’ve found a way to create doors that stand up to the elements of weather, fingers, and a little vandalism now and again. In addition to funding maintenance of the doors, which totals about $250 a week including materials and time, the funds raised in this campaign will also enable us to replace our earlier wooden doors with our new, improved, and much more durable resin doors!  The replacement doors will be identical down to the texture of the wood grain, but will be made from resin instead of wood.  Resin doesn’t do things like warp in the rain and it stands up much better to wear and tear from visitors.

In order to make your donation tax deductible we partnered with a non-profit arts organization called C4 Atlanta. In exchange for their significant support, a customary 9% of the funds raised will go to C4 Atlanta.  You can read more about C4 Atlanta here. The rest of the money raised will go entirely to materials and other resources needed to keep Tiny Doors ATL active and FREE for anyone who wants to stop by our front porches.  Help us leave the light on for new visitors!

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