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Future of Art in Atlanta – Ignite Grads

April 28th marked another round of Ignite graduations. Ignite is our 8-week entrepreneurship seminar for artists and creative professionals. Artists presented their business plans in front of a panel of experts.

Photo of Peter Cranton, Ignite
Peter Cranton presents his business plan.

We had several people missing from the day class graduation photo due to work, illness, etc. One of the artists had to leave early. The day class included: Doria Roberts, Hellenne Vermillion, Jill Pope, John Pruner, Peter Cranton, Paige-Nichette Dawkins, Shelly Siebert and Audrey Gamez. Congratulations! This class contains a lot of content and can feel, at times, overwhelming but artists come out of it empowered with a new outlook on their art practices.

photo of ignite day class
Ignite Day class


The Evening Ignite class included: Jessica Cook, Orian Crook, Cindy Brown, Manual, llaneras, Margarita Rios, Chavonna Rhodes and Lauren Pallotta. Congratulations!

Photo of Ignite Class
Ignite Evening Class


C4 would also like to give a special shot-out to Urban Cannibals and Doria Roberts for providing lunch for the Ignite graduation. The sandwiches were fresh and tasty. The scones–amazing. Urban Cannibals also donated coffee and chips. Thank you for supporting Atlanta’s arts community!

Urban Cannibals Sandwiches
Jealous? Great food.

Featured Artist: Corey Bradberry

I had the opportunity to interview Corey Bradberry, the executive director of The Collective Project.   The Collective Project, Inc. is a theatre and performance group that creates original work for Atlanta, by Atlanta.  Read on to learn more about Corey and his exciting projects…

Katie Owerbach: Are you an Atlanta Native?

Corey Bradberry: I was born in Dallas, Texas, but I’ve lived in the metro area since I was in elementary school, so I consider myself a native as much as the next fellow.

KO: Describe your artwork?

CB:I work in the theatre as an actor, director, writer, singer, musician, producer, and more. I co-founded the Collective Project, a resident performance company at the Goat Farm in midtown. We produce exclusively original work that features Atlanta artists, be they writers, performers, or designers. I’ve been mostly involved with smaller black-box productions… I love the intimate feel smaller spaces lend to an audience.

KO: What are your current projects?

CB: I am currently performing with the Alliance Theatre’s “A Christmas Carol,” but I am also producing and directing some pieces for the Collective Project’s December show, “The Theory of Everything.” It features 19 original short pieces and each night, the audience votes on what pieces they will see and the show order is determined by number of votes. It’s a raucous ride and the result is a show custom-built for each audience, as the pieces range all across the theatrical gamut. It runs December 8-22 and we can’t wait to hear audience feedback!




KO: How can people learn more about your work?

CB: www.thecollectiveprojectinc.com has all the information about the comings and goings of the Collective Project. We also have a Facebook and Twitter page.

KO: How do you see “the arts” helping Atlanta?

CB: Atlanta is in desperate need of having its voice heard. The arts have been truly blossoming the last few years and I hope that trend will continue. The arts allow an opportunity for the community to come together and share an experience. Effective art leaves people with a new perspective in mind and the more artists creating work in Atlanta, the further that conversation will go.

KO: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

CB:I hope to build upon the foundation we’ve established with the Collective Project in whatever form it takes. I am currently exploring more of the film and tv arena that Atlanta has recently discovered.

KO: Have you participated in any Ignite workshops? What did you enjoy most from these workshops?

CB: Yes, I participated in Ignite over the summer of 2012. It was a great opportunity to hear about what other arts entrepreneurs were working on and to have a continual sounding board for new ideas. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Production photo from Theory of Everything


Thank you Corey!