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Get to Know Aldanie Martinez!

Aldanie Martinez, Capoeira
Aldanie Martinez, Capoeira

Posting on behalf of our new Volunteer Coordinator, Aldanie Martinez. Aldanie also serves on our Finance Committee. If you don’t know Aldanie, you should. He is smart and passionate about the arts in Atlanta.

In his on words…

Hi, I’m Aldanie Martinez. I’ll be helping to coordinate volunteers in the months to come, and I’d like to introduce myself to the C4 community.

I was lucky enough to run into C4 a few months back at the great Gather Atlanta panel discussion on marketing and engaging a growing audience. This is where I met Jessyca and Joe. I was instantly attracted to Jessyca’s input as part of the panel. She showed a depth of knowledge from personal experiences of the struggles of an artist while having a clear grasp on business concepts and technologies helpful to the creative community.

You see, growing up, I’ve seen the struggle of an artist to make a living out of a passion within my own family. There’s my late great uncle, whom many feel that despite having studied alongside some incredibly successful artists in amazing places such as The Juilliard School in New York, he did not achieve a success proportional to his incredible work. He simply wasn’t good at business. I’ve also seen my mother create truly breathtaking pieces for decades, and yet is still intimidated by the business side of art. I can’t help but feel that there’s too much talent and beauty that remains undiscovered simply because of artists not having access to the business skills they need to make a living from their creations. This affected me so much that I decided to focus on learning business as opposed to following my talents in art when the time came to choose a career path.

So, after being jaded for almost a decade of refraining from my true passions in an all-work-and-no-play lifestyle in business administration, marketing, and sales, I decided to explore ways to use what I’ve learned while following what drives me. That’s why I’m so drawn to C4 and really couldn’t wait to find a meaningful way to help with its mission and vision to kill the condition of “The Starving Artist” by helping him succeed.

Things got even more impressive once I learned they were looking to push their mission to a whole new level by creating an incubator of sorts to house creative entrepreneurs and organizations. This feels like history in the making!

So my goal is simple. I want to help the incredible work of C4 by finding amazing volunteer talent to help this growing organization. I also want to give our people what I’ve found through volunteering for this task; a meaningful opportunity where we get to use our talents, have fun, and create great experiences that look good on a resume and awesome in a personal photo album. I know there’s great talent out there looking for opportunities to be impactful, and I’m going to look for it all over Atlanta. So, if that’s you, we need to talk!

I’m looking forward to rocking with the great people who will help make history in the Atlanta Arts Community!

If you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities with C4 Atlanta, shoot us an email: actionteam@c4atlanta.org. Aldanie will be in touch with you!

Aldanie Martinez Photo
Aldanie Martinez

Lisa Tuttle – C4 Atlanta’s Featured Member, July

July’s featured member is none other than the fabulous Lisa Tuttle. Lisa is a wonderful person and I am honored to call her a colleague. Lisa participated in C4 Atlanta’s Ignite class several months ago. She brought so much to the seminar in terms of experience, insight and encouragement. During the day, Lisa works for the Fulton County Arts Council’s Public Art Program. All day long, Lisa is an artist.

Lisa and project collaborator, Alice Lovelace, just received a very

Left: A panel from Harriet Rising. Right: Alice Lovelace & Lisa Tuttle.
Left: A panel from Harriet Rising. Right: Alice Lovelace & Lisa Tuttle.

prestigious nod from Americans for the Arts for their project, Harriet Rising. AFA named Harriet Rising as one of the nation’s top 50 public art projects.  Harriet Rising is public art installation located above ground at Underground Atlanta. The project launched during Elevate /Art Above Underground presented by the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Program and Underground Atlanta. The Tuttle/Lovelace collaboration celebrates women who embody the spirit of Harriet Tubman, abolitionist and humanitarian.

In the United States, there are many women who embody the spirit of Harriet Tubman, working everyday to make life better for women (and therefore entire families) and working for a better world.  The lives of these women are not as transparent as Tubman’s.  They should be. 

View of columns at Underground - "Harriet Rising"
View of columns at Underground – “Harriet Rising”

I am not the first to feature the work of Lisa and Alice. Google (used here as a verb) Harriet Rising and you will find a wealth of information about these two artists. However, I am personally very proud of their work. I am very proud of Lisa.

Here is a little more about Lisa Tuttle in her own words...

JH: Type of art – description AND what are you currently working on? 

LTInterdisciplinary projects and mixed media works.  I’m in a three person show at Kibbee Gallery August and September, where I’m showing some mixed media pieces. Also I am continuing to work on the artist book for Harriet Rising which I hope to have complete by October.  Alice Lovelace is also applying for some Elevate support for poetry readings at Harriet Rising during this fall’s presentation of Elevate: Art Above Underground.

JH: Are you originally from the Atlanta area?

LT: No, a child of a journalist, so born in Little Rock, Arkansas, but grew up in Charlotte, NC.  My dad was born and raised in Atlanta, though, so although that’s not why I’m here, there have always been some interesting discoveries of how our lives have crossed.  I moved to Atlanta in the late 70’s and found it to be a good fit for me at the time – It was Southern and familiar, but more metropolitan, progressive and sophisticated than anywhere else in the South…NYC seemed unmanageable to me at the time.  When I moved here, I thought I was just going to try it out for a while…but it has continued to be a really good fit for me…

JH: How long have you been practicing your art?

LT: As a child, I wanted to be a writer.  But in college, a professor was really impressed by my painting, and when I committed to that, I went full force.

JH: Who inspired you to create? 

LT: Teachers, friends, my creative, brilliant and irreverent father

JH: Who or what inspires you today?

LT: Reading, films, and my fellow artists here in this creative Atlanta community.

JH: What is the greatest challenge facing Atlanta artists today?

LT: Courage. Also, not enough affordable studio spaces. Or opportunities for international travel/collaborations.

JH: What does Atlanta have to offer artists like you?

LT: The possibility to live affordably, but create and collaborate in the most surprising ways. I particularly like working at a place like the Arts Exchange where it is multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, and inter-generational. 

JH: Do you have a local favorite (artist)?

LT: Too many to count. I would like to give a shout-out to MOCA GA…!!!

JH: What advice do you have for a young person thinking about being an artist? 

LT: Go for it. Be resourceful. Get to know some working artists. Do some internships and apprenticeships, so you don’t get all of your ideas about artmaking from books and the internet. 

JH: Do you have a favorite quote? What is it? 

LT: Lots of them but off the top of my head: “Every person is a different kind of artist; an artist is not a different kind of person.” – The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your thoughts with us! Get to know more about this Atlanta treasure.

Harriet Rising: Composite Portraits
Harriet Rising: Composite Portraits

An Analytics Tool You Should Know About

One tool we like to show artists and arts organization is Quantcast. Similar in spirit to Google Analytics (also a great tool), Quantcast allows site owners to gather data about visitors to their websites. Unlike Google Analytics, the information is available to the public. If your site doesn’t receive a ton of traffic like popular commercial sites, then Quantcast doesn’t really have enough data to supply information on usage, demographics, etc. However, there is a solution! Quantcast will help you generate a code tag to paste into your site. This allows your site to be “Quantified!” If this sounds to “techie” for your liking, don’t worry. The Quantcast site/support team will help you with adding this piece of code to your site. In deed, our site has been quantified. Wanna see?

What we found out using Quantcast…

Well, our visitors are highly educated & poor. This makes sense, as according the National Endowment for the Arts’, Artist in the Workforce findings, artists are not unemployed but remain severely underemployed, despite typically having more education than other U.S. workers.

Two pie charts. One shows high education, graduate level. The other shows low income.
C4 Atlanta Website - Education vs. Income

We also discovered that while our online audience is majority Caucasian, the C4 Atlanta website receives above average usage from African American visitors (compared to the whole internet) at 19%.

Bar chart showing site user ethnicity
C4 Atlanta Website Users - Ethnicity


How do they find that data? And isn’t it a little creepy?

Quantcast provides some info as to how they collect this information. If I had to guess, the info is tied to IP address and that address is tied to a physical address. They use direct measurement mixed with machine learning. The U.S. Census would be an example of direct measurement.

About creepy…

Remember the phone book? Once upon a time we could look up any person’s (unless they suppressed their contact info) address and phone number in an easy-to-use guide that made great use of very thin paper. Quantcast doesn’t reveal that information about people. It’s all aggregate. Also:

Quantcast Measurement is the first and only syndicated online traffic measurement service to gain MRC accreditation for compliance with IAB measurement standards.

That’s good. Very good.

As far as marketing is concerned, I think consumers are in control. It may not feel like it, but marketers want to get to know us. We tell them what we want advertised to us. Sometimes, we are right. Sometimes they get it right. But as we get deeper and deeper into a service economy, consumer voice is going to more important than ever. Building relationships with your patrons or audiences is key to survival. That relationship starts with understanding your core.

To review:

  • Visit Quantcast
  • Get a code to track info on your site
  • Insert code
  • Check out the marketing tips on how to use such data. Quantcast has some cool tips.
  • Use the demographic info as one of many tools in your toolkit to help measure mission impact
  • Have fun! Charts and graphs are pretty.

It’s 8 PM. Do you know where your patrons are?

The Atlanta Arts & Culture Census can help you find them!

Arts patrons look board watching T.V.
Your Arts Patrons

Join your peers in the Atlanta Arts & Culture Census this March. The Arts & Culture Census is brought to our community through a partnership with TRG Arts, one of America’s most respected marketing consulting companies. Nearly 400,000 unique arts patron households currently represented!

We will be adding more companies to the Arts & Culture Census March 2, 2012. The deadline to express interest in being a part of the Arts & Culture Census is Friday, February 17, 2012.

What can the Arts & Culture Census do for my organization?

  • Get to know your patrons
  • Discover how to find new patrons
  • Secure list trading with your peers in just a few clicks of the mouse
  • Identify areas of growth and collaboration within the Atlanta region
  • Pull instant demographic reports for board meetings, grant proposals & more

How do I join the Arts & Culture Census?
Fill out this short interest form!

What do your peers think?

Atlanta Ballet has been both a consultant and database client of TRG since 2005.  TRG’s knowledge of performing arts marketing and specific focus on database marketing have been invaluable.  Their eMerge product has allowed Atlanta Ballet to create an aggressive direct communications marketing plan using mail, email and phone as methods to stay in touch with our existing and future patrons.   The launch of a community arts database in Atlanta will allow us to continue to grow strong arts patrons by reaching out to non-ballet patrons, and allowing other organizations to connect with Atlanta Ballet patrons., creating stronger arts patrons who crossover multiple Atlanta arts organizations. -Tricia Ekhom, The Atlanta Ballet

Although we had a broad understanding of our Schwartz Center arts patrons, we didn’t have much real data to support our media buys and who we were targeting. Once our info was loaded in TRG, I could easily print out demographic reports–showing zip codes and demographics like age, income and buying habits. Some of the research data was surprising to us; particularly the average age being a bit younger than we thought. The Arts & Culture Census has also made requesting mail lists from other arts organizations a breeze. – Jessica Cook, Emory Arts, Schwartz Center for Performing Arts

Organizations currently participating in the Atlanta Arts & Culture Census (as of 01/16/2012)

  • Academy Theatre
  • ArtWorks! Gwinnett
  • Atlanta Ballet
  • Atlanta Jewish Music Festival
  • Atlanta Lyric Theatre
  • Atlanta Opera
  • Brooks & Company Dance
  • CORE Performance Company
  • Essential Theatre
  • Full Radius Dance
  • Georgia State University School of Music
  • Kennesaw State University College of the Arts
  • MINT Gallery
  • North Fulton Drama Club
  • Rialto Center for the Arts
  • Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts
  • Synchronicity Performance Group
  • The Georgia Ballet
  • The New American Shakespeare Tavern
  • WonderRoot