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Cross-Membership Initiative to Support Atlanta Arts Community

I am super stoked about this initiative. Read the press release below!


Alternate ROOTS, C4 Atlanta and WonderRoot Launch Arts Service Cross-Membership Initiative to Support Atlanta Arts Community

Alternate ROOTS, WonderRoot and C4 Atlanta are proud to announce the launch of an Arts Service Cross-Membership Initiative that extends discounted membership opportunities to members of each of the partnering organizations.  The cross-membership initiative between three organizations will reduce the cost of membership for artists to access vital services and educational resources. The program works to strengthen the ties between the partner agencies and their constituencies, and consequently, increase access to essential opportunities for artists and organizers.

Seeking to extend opportunities to the artist members of all three organizations, the cross-membership initiative will extend the services of Alternate ROOTS, C4 Atlanta and WonderRoot to the members of the other organizations for a flat $10 cost.  This reduced cost will encourage members of each organization to become involved in the services and programs of the others.

Alternate ROOTS, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the creation and presentation of original art, in all its forms, which is rooted in a particular place, tradition or spirit. Through this initiative, artists will receive an introductory membership to Alternate ROOTS that will provide access to all ROOTS publications. Introductory membership typically costs $20, but with this cross-membership initiative, it will cost $10 for members of either C4 Atlanta or WonderRoot. Regarding this opportunity, Manager of Programs & Services, Shannon M. Turner said, “Alternate ROOTS is so happy to welcome in new members through this partnership with WonderRoot and C4 Atlanta.  We’ve already grown and learned a lot from working together on an organizational level.  It only makes sense that we now extend those opportunities on down to our respective memberships.”

C4 Atlanta, an organization who works to build a foundation of research, technology and education for a sustainable creative economy in Atlanta, offers  entrepreneurship training, professional development opportunities, and access to health care coverage through a partnership with the Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program. Membership usually costs $40, but for members of either Alternate ROOTS or WonderRoot, membership will be only $10.

“All three of our organizations exist to serve the arts community,” commented Jessyca Holland, Executive Director, C4 Atlanta. “We want our members to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Alternate ROOTS and WonderRoot. A strong community means having a strong arts sector. That’s our goal.”

WonderRoot is a nonprofit organization with a mission to unite artists and community to inspire positive social change. Artist members have access to all of WonderRoot’s arts production facilities, as well as artist education and professional development opportunities. Annual artist membership costs $60, but will be available for $10 to members of Alternate ROOTS or C4 Atlanta.

The partnership between these three arts service organizations is rooted in a shared desire to support and sustain the arts and artists in Atlanta.  By joining together to offer discounted memberships, Alternate ROOTS, C4 Atlanta and WonderRoot are committing to each other’s members, as well their own, thereby creating a more unified and cohesive arts community.

Artists wishing to take advantage of this cross-membership opportunity should become members of Alternate ROOTS, C4 Atlanta or WonderRoot.  They will receive promotion codes and details on how to receive discounted memberships to the other two organizations when they sign up. This cross-membership initiative will be valid until further notice.


 Alternate ROOTSwww.alternateroots.org


Alternate ROOTS Membership: http://alternateroots.org/membership

Alternate Roots Contact: Shannon M. Turner, Manager of Programs and Services,      shannon@alternateroots.org

C4 Atlanta: www.c4atlanta.org

C4 Atlanta Membership: http://c4atlanta.org/membership/

C4 Atlanta Contact: Jessyca Holland, Executive Director, jessyca@c4atlanta.org

WonderRoot: www.wonderroot.org

WonderRoot Membership: www.wonderroot.org/membership/

WonderRoot Contact: Chris Appleton, Executive Director, chris@wonderroot.org