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C4 Members at Work

Summer is full of warm weather, vacations, and happenings… lots and lots of happenings! From festivals, to performances, to recognition, C4 Atlanta’s members are working hard to make things happen in the arts. Below is a list of recent and upcoming activities involving a few of C4 Atlanta’s members. 

Jessica Miller : AIM Alumni & Member

23a77b1a-1e1d-44d1-ba7a-c2b0320f6153Jessica recently accepted the role of Executive Director of Burnaway, an online publication for the Arts in the Southeast.

Jessica says: “I look forward to bringing my dedication and enthusiasm for the art community to the position of Executive Director at BURNAWAY. As a Georgia State alumna and Atlanta native, I have relied on BURNAWAY to inform my understanding of the artistic landscape of the Southeast. I am thrilled to be a part of advancing BURNAWAY’s mission and growing the amazing reputation that this organization has already established.”

Read more about Jessica’s new position here!

Roxane Hollosi: Ignite Alumni & Member

0630GO-ROXANNE-HOLLOSI_Roxane Hollosi is working hard in Gainesville this summer putting together a new collage piece called “Echoes VI”. This project is led by Quinlan Visual Arts Center with the goal of promoting “art within the community through the creation of large-scale works of art installed in the public sphere throughout the city of Gainesville and Hall County,”

Read more about Roxane and this project here. 


Lauren Pallotta: Ignite & Hatch Alumni, ArtsForce Member

Recent Hatch Alumni, Lauren Pallotta, shares her current ArtsForce project with the community of Inman Park, Candler Park, Edgewood, and Reynoldstown with an initiative to put murals on the Moreland Avenue underpass using 20+ female artists including Hatch artists Jessica Caldas, Shannon Willow, Charmaine Minniefield, and Angela Davis Johnson.

For this project the community offered their thoughts and ideas on the mural this past weekend in Little 5 Points during Little 5 Arts Alive.

This project is a neighborhood-driven initiative spearheaded by Carly Berg of Little Five Points, and local artist Lauren Pallotta Stumberg of Think Greatly. Together they are working to create vibrant public spaces that connect artists with community and pay artists fair wages for their time and talent to further beautify our city.

Learn more about this project and donate here!

Chelsea Steverson: C4 Atlanta Operations Manager

IMG_1429When she’s not hard at work behind her desk at C4 Atlanta, Chelsea Steverson is on-stage acting in Atlanta. This summer she will be appearing in Essential Theatre‘s original production of “When Things Are Lost” by Derek Dixon. This is one of two shows happening in Essential’s Summer Festival. Essential Theatre focuses on producing new works by Georgia playwrights.

Learn more about Essential Theatre Festival from WABE here!

Read an interview with playwright Derek Dixon. 

Buy ticket to this season’s festival and support here! 

Karen Anderson & Tiny Doors ATL:  ArtsForce Member

2ndbirthday-805x1024If you love Atlanta then you love Tiny Doors ATL. You’ve probably seen these famous doors at your favorite places around Atlanta including the BeltLine, Krog Street and Paris on Ponce. ArtsForce Member Karen Anderson is the Principle Artist and co-founder of Tiny Doors ATL, and she’s getting ready to have a tiny party!

Their very first door is turning two! You can celebrate with Tiny Doors ATL Thursday, July 28th at Hodge Podge Coffee.

Learn more about her event here! 



Kathy Rennell Forbes: Ignite Alumni & Member

2016055736263dea77dKathy Rennel Forbes a local artist and Kennesaw State University professor was selected to have her water color painting, “Woman in Blue”, put on display at the Georgia State Capitol in the Office of the Governor this summer as part of the “Art of Georgia II: Portraits of a Community” exhibition. This is the second time she has been selected for this honor.

Kathy also recently won 1st place in the Paint Quick competition held at the 2016 Olmsted Plein Air Invitational this past May. This event helps to benefit the ongoing work of Olmsted Linear Park Alliance.

Read more about Kathy and these awards here!

Charmaine Minniefield: Hatch Alumni & Member

43a54719-f2e8-4e88-b935-c93a753b2052Charmaine Miniefield recently completed “Watch Me Learn”, a mural in Atlanta’s King Historic District in collaboration with Dr. Doris Derby. Thanks to this project, Charmaine will not be going to East Harlem, New York to continue her on-going community-based work through the NOT A CRIME campaign.

“Now that the NOT A CRIME campaign features my work and is going to Harlem, to focus on the rights to education, it gives an opportunity to be intentional about a wide range of relevant issues which can spark conversation and awareness in ways that are meaningful. This is the work that of the artist/activist. I am excited.”

Read more about Charmaine and the amazing work she is doing here!

Hez Stalcup & Danielle Deadwyler: Hatch Alumni & Members

downloadThis powerhouse team is no joke. These two Atlanta based performance artists took a moment this summer to talk about what it’s like to make performance art in Atlanta and their mutual interest in under-represented identities. This is one conversation you won’t want to miss.

Read their full interview here.  

Jordan Robinson: ArtsForce Member

13599849_1757541854492942_5781529589087425560_nJordan Robinson is hard at work in his final quarter of his MA in Arts Administration from SCAD Atlanta. For his final thesis he will be working with another soon-to-be SCAD photography graduate, Joshua McFadden, for an exhibition entitled “Colorism”. This exhibitions tackles contemporary issues that affect men and women of African-American communities.

In the wake of one of the most traumatic weeks in US history and with #blacklivesmatter on everyone’s lips this exhibition will be one to remember.

To learn more about this exhibition and how you can donate click here!

Stephanie Lloyd : Ignite Alumni & Member

ThreepennyWhen she’s not actively painting in the studio, Stephanie Lloyd  is offering her talents to the Atlanta stage. This summer she will be starring in the upcoming production of The Threepenny Opera with 7 Stages in Little 5 Points. This poignant shows looks at the rich vs poor and the powerful vs powerless. This classical musical is sure to rock your summer.

Click here for more info and tickets.

Susannah Darrow Speaks on Arts Journalism & Being an FBI Agent

As you may know, March is National Women’s History Month. Last year, C4 Atlanta shared the stories of women arts administrators in our city as part of a project with the National Women’s History Project called “Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives”.

C4 Atlanta is excited to curate this blog series for the second year in a row! We will be highlighting women’s stories on our blog and on our social media throughout the month of March and into April. This year we have expanded the project to include the stories of more women and to share a diverse range of experiences, including women nationally as well as locally. Sharing women’s triumphs challenges stereotypes within today’s society and overturns social assumptions about who women are and what women can accomplish.

Susannah Darrow
Susannah Darrow, Executive Director of ArtsAtl

With that being said, we’d love to introduce our next leading lady, Susannah Darrow.

Where do you work and what do you do?
I’m the Executive Director of ArtsATL.

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up? 
I wanted to be an FBI Agent.

Who was your favorite artist/writer/performer growing up? 
Piet Mondrian, Roahl Dahl, Ace of Base

Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you?
My mom, definitely. She always made a point of exposing my sister and I to so many different things growing up and encouraged us to pursue anything we were interested in, regardless of whether or not we were successful at it. We were given room to fail a lot so that we could figure out what we really liked and were good at.

When and how did you first become interested in the arts? How long have you been in your line of work?
My family is made up of a lot of creative people and supporters of the arts, so I have been interested in the arts for as long as I can remember. I have been working in the arts since I graduated from UGA in 2008.  

How is art a passion for you?
I have always been incredibly interested in and excited by the work that creatives produce and am very passionate about extending my passion for that to other people in a way that can help them to build there own relationship with that work.

What are your thoughts on equality and representation of women in the arts?
I think that Atlanta is a great place to see this at work. The majority of arts organizations in Atlanta are run by women, and because of that we have a city that is a very supportive environment for female artists. In terms of the larger conversations about this I think we have made huge strides since the Guerilla Girls days of the representation of women in the arts. I think equally, if not more of an issue today, is equal representation of people of color in the art world.

What in your profession has  given you the greatest satisfaction or fulfillment? Looking back, what would you have done differently? What would you do again?
I am very happy to have been a part of the founding of BURNAWAY and having built it to a point where it could be passed on to the next leadership there. Looking back, I am happy that I had all of the experiences I did but don’t think I would repeat or get rid of any of them. I think those experiences did a lot to inform and teach me how to be better at my job now and influenced where I am now.

What most excites you about the arts in Atlanta?
I am always excited to see what new people, projects, spaces, and ideas will have the opportunity to take off. Atlanta is a great space to experiment, fail and succeed. It allows the arts community to be playful and off the cuff in a way that leads to some really interesting arts production.

What do you hope to contribute to the Atlanta arts community?
I hope to give some context and feedback to the community in a way that helps to promote, develop and propel them forward.

Where can I learn more about your organizations and work?
Website: www.artatl.com
Facebook:  ArtsATL
Instagram: artsatlanta
Twitter: ArtsATLCom

Susannah Darrow is the executive director of ArtsATL. She was the founding executive director of BURNAWAY. Georgia Trend named her one of the top 40 leaders in Georgia under 40 years old in 2014, and the Georgia Center for Nonprofits honored her among the top 30 nonprofit leaders in Atlanta under 30 in 2013. She was in the 2014 class of Arts Leaders of Metro Atlanta and is in the 2016 class of LEAD Atlanta. She serves on the Board of Directors of the Georgia Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts and the Advisory Board for Atlanta Celebrates Photography. Darrow received a BA in Art History from the University of Georgia and MA in Art History from Georgia State.

Arts Advocacy Survey – Preliminary Findings

City SkylineBack in December, C4 Atlanta launched an arts advocacy survey in order to inform our Advocacy Committee about the needs of individual arts workers in the metro Atlanta area. In September of 2015, our Board of Directors identified a need to advocate on behalf of individuals, as other groups existed already to advocate on behalf of organizations. However, arts professionals sometimes feel different pressures and are affected by different catalysts than larger organizations. Therefore, in the interest of transparency and due diligence, our committee wished to take action only after taking the temperature of the community at large.

Today, I am pleased to release to you a preliminary look at some of the data that we have uncovered during this process. The PDF available below is a summary of the raw data that has been presented to the committee. Each question posed to the survey respondents is listed at the top, with accompanying data visualizations and key points detailed below.  We are nowhere near finished crunching numbers, and some of the means we have used in this preliminary release of data were not so much used for accuracy as much as trying to identify key patterns quickly. Therefore, some of the short answer questions have been represented as Word Clouds in order to give a quick impression of reoccurring words and phrases. Please note that these visuals only account for the frequency of single words, not phrases or groups of words such as names.

Over the coming weeks, we will work harder to delve deeper into the numbers and answers in order to make more comprehensive correlations. Of particular interest to us is the data regarding wage vs. other expenses paid by artists for living and working. We intend to take a closer look at these numbers on and individual by individual basis. In order to better understand the implication of some of the data included regarding wage, we have included some government benchmarks for reference.

For those who took part in the survey, we thank you for your participation. Special shout outs go out our friends at Burnaway and Atlanta Contemporary for helping us to get the word out about this initiative! Thanks for helping us to reach deeper into the arts community.

For additional questions regarding our advocacy committee, survey data or our advocacy platform, please reach out to actionteam@c4atlanta.org.

Advocacy Survey Preliminary Data