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One Weekend, 3 Adventures!

Over the past weekend C4 Atlanta’s Action Team had a chance to see three of ArtsForce ‘s fiscally sponsored projects in full force. With an over abundance of support and love we looked down the center of a two-story sculpture made from recycled plastic, attended the opening of a beautiful garden filled with 20 sculptures made by Georgia artist, and witnessed the inspiring journey of one man and his wheelchair begin.

Current Collections Sculpture:

If looking into the center of this amazing two-story sculpture doesn’t leave you awe struck then knowing that the entire piece was created from reclaimed marine debris and plastic should. Dena Light, Mike Wsol, and Amandine Drouet held their opening night exhibition Friday evening to an excited and dedicated crowd eager to hear more about this amazing project. Created from the help of 2000 adults and children this sculpture will remain in Centennial Olympic park through June helping to bring awareness to litter and the impact it has on the aquatic ecosystem. Take a moment and ride the new Atlanta Streetcar down to see this wonderful social and artistic project.  You won’t be disappointed.

IMG_4363      IMG_4379      IMG_4365  IMG_4367

More information at:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Current-Collections-Sculpture

Cashin Sculpture Garden: 

Saturday was a beautiful day for the outdoors, and the C4 Atlanta Action Team was lucky enough to spend it viewing over 20 pieces of large-scale art work displayed throughout a re-purposed horse riding path. Now known as the Cashin Sculpture Garden, this path incorporates large-scale sculptural artwork into a natural setting all while ensuring an uninterrupted environment — no other garden in the state of Georgia has taken this approach. C4 Atlanta is lucky enough that our own IGNITE alumni Corrina Sephora Mensoff was represented by 2 different piece in this garden. For anyone seeking a unique experience, we highly suggest taking a trip up to Chukkar Farm Polo Club. At only an hour from the downtown, why wouldn’t you!?

IMG_4422        IMG_4390

IMG_4384         IMG_4385

More information at: http://chukkarfarmpoloclub.com/cashins-sculpture-garden-a-unique-offering-in-all-of-georgia/


There are single moments in life that are so amazing that if you blink, you’ll miss them. Monday morning was such a moment for the C4 Atlanta Action Team as we watched Frank Barham speed off by wheel chair from the Center for Civil and Human Rights headed for Stone Mountain. Pretty impressive, right? Well, that is only the first step in Frank’s two week , 302-mile journey from Atlanta to Savannah to raise awareness for the 25th anniversary of the American’s with Disabilities Act. Wheel2Live is one man’s journey to share good music and raise funds to provide access to quality wheelchairs for those who cannot afford one. The Action Team feels lucky to have seen this adventure begin and was excited to have shared it with Council Member Kwanza Hall. With only 12 days left to go, you will not want to miss all of Frank’s journey via Facebook!

IMG_4431     IMG_4432


More information at: http://www.wheel2live.net/the-ride

New C4 Fiscally Sponsored Projects

C4’s ArtsForce program is growing. In the last year, artists and creative organizations have raised close to $60,000. A few projects are currently using our ArtsForce crowdfunding website. A few projects are currently raising funds and are about to launch.

Current Collections in Centennial Park
Current Collections in Centennial Park

On Friday, May 8th – Current Collections will host a launch party for their giant sculpture in Centennial Park. The sculpture is made with re-purposed materials. It will be a sight to behold. Please join us Friday, May 8th at 6pm for the opening party in Centennial Park. 

On Monday, May 11th – Wheel 2 Live artist, Frank Barham, will begin his journey by wheelchair to Savannah to raise awareness about the 25th anniversary of the ADA. He has also raised money to purchase wheelchairs for those individuals who cannot afford one. The launch will start at 9 AM at the Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum. Join C4’s staff to show your
support for this very worthy cause.
Wheel 2 Live
Musician Frank Barham

we are very proud of all of our ArtsForce projects. Congratulations to the newest ArtsForce Projects:


Cashin Sculpture Garden

Build an outdoor sculpture garden along an existing horse trail located on Chukkar Farm Polo Club & Event Facility. Total of 54 sculpture sites to be built in three phases. Phase I includes 21 sculpture sites and, entry landing, and signage. The display will gain exposure for artists in commissions and all art is on consignment and for sale.


DanceATL provides resources, promotion, and collaborative opportunities for the dance community in Atlanta. Project activities focus on advocacy, professional development and information resources. These activities are designed to gather and disseminate information, convene individuals & groups around key issues, facilitate networking and stimulate the communal voice.

Gentle Tiger Brave and Strong

‘Gentle Tiger Brave and Strong’ has been formed to promote courage and strength in children in the face of life’s challenges and to encourage non-violence, especially in young people and children. It has also been formed to provide a platform for creative artists to lend their voice to this effort.

New Freedom Project

The New Freedom Project is a community-based arts initiative led by visual artist, Charmaine Minniefield to celebrate African-American history. The New Freedom Project celebrates the journey through history and calls to the present the wisdom of those who have come before to inspire a new freedom movement of understanding and healing today.

Pine Lake City Arts

Pine Lake City Arts supports artistic projects initiated by the citizens of Pine Lake, pop. 800. The two activities under the PLCA umbrella are 1) LakeFest, a free weekend of music, arts, food and fun, held the first weekend in October, and 2) Eco-Arts Camp, a six-week summer day camp connecting youth to nature through the arts.


RESIST is a site specific dance/body/object installation work inspired by the Gezi Park civil rights protests in Turkey in 2013 and nourished with other global civil rights movements. It is presented by the Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art, in partnership with WonderRoot and the Mayor’s Of Cultural Affairs.

Artists Raising $$

Just a little FY… Through ArtsForce (our fiscal sponsorship program), Georgia-based artists have raised more than $50,000 in sponsorships and donations for projects that serve a public good.

The next deadline for fiscal sponsorship applications is April 15th (yeah, we know. Tax day.). Artists may apply for fiscal sponsorship through the C4 Atlanta website.

wheel 2 Live


You can read about the ends and outs of C4’s fiscal sponsorship program, ArtsForce, on our website. We often hear of a lack of funding for the arts in Georgia. Over the past year ArtsForce has offered a new platform for artists to raise funds from new donors to the arts. These artists have also demonstrated the impact of the arts to communities in new ways. As part of the ArtsForce program, artists may take classes focused on creating and maintaining budgets, and raising funds for their projects. These classes, called Financial Literacy 101 and Fundraising 101, have been offered to more than 50 artists over the past year.

In its first year, five sponsored artists have completed their projects, with another 11 artists actively seeking funds for their projects. These projects include:

  • Wheel 2 Live, a 302-mile musical tour across Georgia by jazz musician Frank Barham to provide access to quality wheelchairs to those who cannot afford one, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. So far Barham has raised over $7,000.
  • Current Collections, a large-scale public art sculpture made from reclaimed materials, built to raise awareness of the impact of trash on waterways and oceans. The project is being undertaken by a three person art collective, called Embodied Energy Studio. In less than one week, the collective has raised nearly $1,500.
  • Allusion, a temporary public art installation by Igor Korsunskiy, built for Elevate, a project of the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs. For this project, Korsunskiy raised $1,700.
  • Atlanta Maker Faire, a showcase and conference for creative technology enthusiasts, artists and others to show what they made and share what they learned. Through their fiscal sponsorship, Atlanta Maker Faire raised more than $20,000 in sponsorships and contributions.
  • Botanical Dwellings, a temporary public art installation by Rose Barron and Margaret Hiden, built for Art on the BeltLine. For this project, Barron and Hiden raised nearly $2,000.