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Peeling away the layers

Of all the materials we hand out at the Ignite seminar, the Presentation Scorecard tends to get the most use. We hand it out to all the participants on the first day, and then we hand copies of the Scorecard to the outside evaluators on the last day. The Scorecard lists ten areas where participants are evaluated. Of those ten areas, the Creative Offering receives the greatest amount of attention, both inside and outside the classroom.

When I asked Emy Imoh what she learned from Ignite, she talked about the elements of the creative offering. These elements — the mission, the vision, the value proposition, etc. — become part of the justification used to determine pricing. But, as Emy said, it requires peeling back the layers. Sometimes this process takes longer than six weeks, but it can happen with the help of fellow classmates, class facilitators, friends, colleagues in the field, and others.

It’s just one more reason to register today for Ignite.

C4 Atlanta announces next graduating class of artist-entrepreneurs

Participants in business seminar, called Ignite, will deliver presentations to practitioners in the field

ATLANTA, GA — C4 Atlanta, a non-profit arts service organization, will graduate 13 artists from its flagship professional development seminar, Ignite, on Wednesday, February 15, 2012.Image of a small note that reads: To do: buy milk, pay rent, earn a living as an artist...

As part of the graduation, Ignite participants will deliver presentations of their business plans to experienced practitioners in the arts industry, for evaluation and feedback.

The six-week seminar was created in response to a growing demand from artists and other creative professionals to learn the tools necessary to develop critical skills in entrepreneurship and small business management.

“The class has enabled me to feel more confident about ideas that I’ve had that I put on the back burner and bring them to the surface,” said Corrina Sephora Mensoff, a sculpture artist. “I feel like I have a whole new edge and angle to who I am as an artist and what I contribute to my community.”

Participants in Ignite will leave the course with five tools to help their careers: Mission and Vision Clarity, Framework for a Business Plan, Resources for Creating a Budget, Financial Planning Resources, and an Action Plan.

“All this information, especially applied to an individual artist is really something new to me,” said Jane Garver, a visual artist. “It will be really useful.”

The class participants come from a variety of backgrounds, including the visual arts, literary arts, and performing arts. “Our goal is to support Atlanta’s creative economy by teaching artists of all disciplines the skills to create sustainable businesses that support their work and creativity,” said Jessyca Holland, Executive Director of C4 Atlanta.

The next class will be offered Wednesdays, March 7 – April 11. There is a $200 tuition fee for the seminar. Artists may register for the class through the C4 Atlanta website, at http://c4atlanta.org.

The Ignite seminar is made possible, in part, with funding from the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs, and from the generous support of more than 70 donors. Scholarships were made available through a grant from the Possible Futures Foundation.

The content for Ignite, formerly called “Entrepreneurship in the Arts: The Art of Self Promotion,” was created by Kamal Sinclair, principal consultant with Strategic Arts, a consulting firm for artists and arts organizations.

A list of graduating seminar participants follows:
Teresa Bramlette Reeves
Claire Christie
Danae Cowart
Jane Garver
Erica Hensley
Rebecca Holohan
Ememofon “Emy” Imoh
Chelsea Raflo
Chantelle Rytter
Lorenzo Sanford
Corrina Sephora Mensoff
Gregor Turk
Lisa Tuttle

The artist-negotiator

The Ignite seminar includes many lessons that help artist-entrepreneurs along in the path to forming a business plan. But somewhere midway through, we take a moment to discuss another skill that is important for many artists in the field: negotiation.

In week 3, we discuss some of the important elements of a negotiation, and how an artist can prepare for one. There are many misconceptions about what happens in a negotiation, and who is a good negotiator. In the seminar we cut through some of those misconceptions, and we talk about ways to build trust in the course of the negotiation process so that both parties build value for one another.

Following the lesson, everyone is given some homework: to prepare for a mock negotiation that will take place the following week. Negotiation skills may not be part of an artist’s business plan. But they are essential for any artist looking to earn a living wage from their work.

We’re looking forward to teaching this seminar again in March. Enroll today to save your spot!