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TechsmARTs Podcast : Episode 1 – Net Neutrality, Policy, & Action

Introducing our brand new TechsmARTs Podcast!

C4 Atlanta has launched a new podcast for our TechsmARTs program. This podcast will feature similar content to our in-person TechsmARTs meetups, which will still occur a few times a year. However, we hope that through our new podcast format we can provide a bank of relevant content that artists can access over and over again.  Additionally, we want to keep you up-to-date on trends in art and technology relevant to your arts careers.

Welcome to our inaugural episode! Future podcast content will be released monthly. Click the link below to subscribe. 

TechsmARTs Podcast : Episode 1 | Net Neutrality, Policy, & Action

Image of Protesters with Digital signs that say "Don't Block My Net".
Image by Backbone Campaign through Creative Commons.

Featuring: Adam Huttler from Fractured Atlas

Adam Huttler of Fractured Atlas speaks on the Federal Communications Commission’s current stance on net neutrality, and what the future may hold for artist and arts organizations if net neutrality is eliminated.

Contact your legislators and let them know how changes to net neutrality could affect your arts business. Find My Legislator’s Contact Information By Address

Fractured Atlas is a national arts service organization, serving the needs of professional artists and arts workers across the country. Click here to learn more about Fractured Atlas.

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Get Affordable Public Art Insurance

ThresholdPublic art application deadlines are fast approaching. Will you need insurance? Let’s take a moment to go beyond whether insurance is a requirement for applying (Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t a requirement). It’s simply a good idea to make sure you are protected.

A couple of days ago Courtney Hammond, Public Art Project Supervisor from the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs, held a workshop with Jean Ann Douglass, Program Director for Insurance at Fractured Atlas. The workshop covered what artists need to know about public art insurance and how to obtain it.

We recorded the workshop (See the audio player, below), but I thought I’d highlight a few key points.

There are four types of insurance you may need if you are planning to apply for a grant. General liability insurance can protect you all the way up to the exhibition of your work. If you need to employ others in the process of building the work, then you will need workers compensation to protect you in case someone is injured when they’re working with you. But if you have volunteers, volunteer accident insurance will cover you if one of your volunteers is hurt on the job. Finally property or equipment insurance will cover any equipment you use.

Fractured AtlasThe insurance program at Fractured Atlas is geared toward helping artists better understand insurance, and for insurance companies to better understand artists. The program also helps artists gain access to affordable insurance.

If you are a member of C4 Atlanta, you can become an associate member of Fractured Atlas at no additional charge and gain access to this invaluable resource.

Many thanks to Fractured Atlas and the Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs for this workshop!

What does your venue offer?

What sets your arts venue a part from other venues in the city?

I want to focus briefly on two features you may not be aware of in Atlanta Spaces: multiple listings and a search feature that allows you to look for spaces that have musical instruments available.

An organization can have a public landing page about all their rentals that links to the listings. A great example of this feature in Atlanta Spaces is The Georgia Ballet’s page.

Screen shot of GA Ballet's Spaces page with multiple listings
Multiple listings from the Georgia Ballet

This is useful if the end-user knows the name of the organization he/she would like to search. From the homepage, I typed in ‘Georgia Ballet’ in the top right search bar (appropriately titled: Search by Name). Their page looks good, right? I can see a Google Map, a summary of studio spaces and some basic contact info. If I want to know more about a specific studio space, I can click to an expanded description. Easy.

What if I need to find a space that has a piano for an upcoming event? Say my husband and I want to rent a space for our upcoming 15 year wedding anniversary (December 27). From the Atlanta Spaces homepage, I look on the right side under “I need a space for…”  and click special events/parties. I am going to choose to stay within a 5 mile radius of my house. I hit search and get back a list of several companies that offer space for special events. BUT! I still need that piano. I notice that the search menu has more options.

Screen shot of the homepage search menu
Homepage Search Menu

I am now going to click on “More search criteria.” Bingo! I know see an option to search venues for a performance piano. Several organizations fit the bill. Now I can really narrow down venues for that anniversary party!

Screen shot of search results - Performance Piano
Search results - Performance Piano

To recap: you now know you can view multiple listings within the same organization profile AND you can search venues for specific musical equipment. So… why isn’t your venue listed on Atlanta Spaces?



Atlanta Spaces – A Venue Market Place 4 the Arts

I have a confession. C4 Atlanta hasn’t been spreading the word very well about Atlanta Spaces. Not lately. We’ve been crazy busy. We got an awesome intern from Emory to help out. If she calls you, please call back.

Just a little reminder: C4 Atlanta and DanceATL are working together to bring our community Atlanta Spaces:

Atlanta Spaces is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, searchable database of arts venues and facilities in the Atlanta metro area. The website lists venues that offer space for classes, workshops, auditions, rehearsals, performances and more.

A screen shot of Atlanta Spaces homepage
Atlanta Spaces Homepage With Slideshow

Part of what stumped me was how to really message Atlanta Spaces. I see its long-term potential for the Atlanta arts community. Fractured Atlas built the software and they have a great vision for how Spaces will fit into an entire ecosystem of data collection. 

It wasn’t until I had a recent phone conversation with Lisa Niedermeyer, Fractured Atlas, that I realized C4 Atlanta has been messaging the value proposition all wrong. A light bulb went off when Lisa described Spaces as a “market place.” It is not just an online directory of venues. Even though our database only has 36 spaces marked online, that is still more than any other site in our region offers with the same amenities that Spaces provides.

If you rent out your venue, how can Atlanta Spaces help you?

Think about trying to find a space to rehearse a show, host a meet-up, hold a film screening, or even a place to have a wedding. How do you start? Google. Maybe. If you are familiar with arts venues, then you have a one up on a majority of people in the metro area. But let’s say you aren’t. You would have to know the name of the company’s venue or space you would like to rent to get to its website. With Atlanta Spaces, the end-user doesn’t need to know your company’s name–she just has to know what she wants out of a space. Atlanta Spaces becomes an access point. It works for people looking for space in the industry, but it also helps those who are not directly connected to your organizations, like a patron or volunteer. It’s about expanding reach and connecting to the greater community at large. It’s about creating exposure for the vast resources available within our arts community.

Example search of dance space. Shown: Google Map & results text
Search Example for Dance, Rehearsal Space

Other cities are using Atlanta Spaces to reach out to community. Like to see some examples? Check out Philly Space Finder and D.C. Space Finder.

Next week, Joe and I will be in Toronto for the Association of Performing Arts Service Organization’s annual conference. I look forward to hearing about how other cities are utilizing this tool. More to come…

In the meantime, list your space. It’s free. It’s easy to list. It does take some time if you want to flesh out your listing, but it is worth the effort. We will be promoting Atlanta Spaces more over the coming months. In August, Lisa from Fractured Atlas will be in Atlanta to talk more about the goals and benefits of this project. Get on board! One of C4 Atlanta’s goals is to connect Atlanta’s arts & culture scene to the rest of the United States.

TIP: List your rates! Imagine going to Company ABC’s website and you can’t find a price for a new shower curtain. Or you visit the local theme part site and no admission prices are listed. Frustrating right? Put yourself in the place of the end user and think about what he needs to see in order to make a decision about purchasing.