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Google AdWords for Artists

A few weeks ago we held a pop-up workshop on Google AdWords. How can artists and nonprofit arts organizations take advantage of this tool for advertising or other purposes? Today companies like Google offer marketing tools to small businesses that were once the domain of much larger companies. That’s the good news.

The challenge for an artist or small nonprofit comes with learning how to use these sorts of tools. It can be difficult to truly appreciate the benefits of target marketing without having experienced those benefits. It can be even more difficult to appreciate the value of any kind of promotions other than simple broadcast emails if you’re not measuring the return on the investment you make on advertising.

Sample of a C4 Atlanta Google Ad
Sample C4 Google Ad

Mark Perloe put a lot of time toward using Google AdWords to promote his fertility treatment practice. He also put his skills to use to benefit the Essential Theatre New Play Festival, where he serves on the board.

Thanks to Google for Nonprofits, nonprofit organizations can receive a “Google Grant” of credits toward AdWord listings. AdWords can be targeted toward keyword searches and geographic locations.

AdWords also has many options to evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of campaigns. You can tie your AdWords account with your Google Analytics account. To go further, you can also track how often ads lead to conversions.

The most important part of using Google AdWords is in getting started. Mark demonstrated a lot of tools available for artists and nonprofit organizations. Getting started is simple, but the bigger benefits come for those willing to spend some time experimenting and measuring the success of campaigns. You can begin with a simple AdWords campaign and gradually build on the remaining components.

Download Mark’s Presentation

Many thanks to Mark for sharing his experience and expertise!