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Five Ways to Optimize Your Website


With the continous rise of social media, creatives often wonder why it’s important to still have a website. Instagram allows you to collect your profiles data analytics,  connect with your audience , sell ads, and essentially expand your brand. However, there are still many incidents where popular influencers pages have gotten hacked and they’ve had to start all the way over. Your website is YOURS! This is where people are coming to learn about you. The question becomes, why should your audience visit your website? They can visit your Instagram , Facebook, and Snapchat to see what you’ve been up to.  Here’s five ways that you can optimize your website and keep your audience coming back for more.

  1. Update your website frequently –
    Keeping your audience engaged with what your doing is very important. Make sure that whatever new projects you’ve been working on or new achievements you’ve made in your career are featured on your website. Some artists have content that is exclusivley for their website. When you update your website frequently, you’re giving your audience a reason to constantly check your page for new content.

2. Offer discounted prices or promotions for people who join your mailing list through your website – 

People LOVE discounts! They’re also intrigued by recieving incentives for actively engaging with your platform. Once you’ve collected contact information from your audience you now have the power to engage with them more frequently. You’re able to see what they like, what they care about, and invite them to your shows/events outside of social media.

3. Use social media to drive traffic to your website – 

Whenever you post a new video,  put new artwork up for sale, post a blog, or an article that you like, let people know on your social media pages that there’s something new up on your website.. As a performing artist, I will often post a teaser performance video and tell people to view the entire video on my site. Make sure that you’re utilizing your Instagram and Facebook stories along with posting on your page.

4. Use your data analytics from your website to create your own marketing strategy – 

Knowing what your audience is interested in and how many times their visiting your site isn’t enough when you don’t know how to use the data to expand your brand. Anaylze your site data and come up with marketing strategies based off of what your audience wants. For example, if my unique visitors

5. Sell ad space/ offer ad space in exchange for sponsorship – 

When I started reaching out to potential sponsors for my debut concert, I created a sponsorship package which included ad space as perk for sponsoring the event. This is a way to generate income based off of how many people view your site. It provides an incentive to create new business realtionships.


Whether you’ve had your website for years or just starting out, these are great tips to help you stay up to date in the constantly changing digital world. People are interested in receiving information and content in real time! These tips can help to make your website the go to place for content in your artistic field.  If you’re thinking about starting a website or revamping your own, sign up for our Website Bootcamp class happening Tuesdays, Sept 25 – Oct 16, 2018 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.


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KP Bridge Program – Feb 18, 2013

KP Bridge Program – January 2013

On Monday, February 18, 2013 Kaiser Permanente will be accepting applications from eligible C4 Atlanta members in the Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program. Enrollment slots are limited.

Where: C4 Atlanta, 115 Martin Luther King Drive, Atlanta, GA 30303
Time: Register for an application time HERE

Enrollment Guidelines

  • The Applicant must be a current individual member of C4 Atlanta
  • Eligible C4 Atlanta members may choose from the following training requirements:
  • Option One – C4 Atlanta Individual Member must be actively enrolled in or have completed Ignite, entrepreneurship training seminar for artists.
  • Option two – C4 Atlanta Individual Member must have completed one of our professional development classes, submit a one-page Artrepreneur Plan (template provided by C4 Atlanta after you sign up for an application slot) and attend an orientation session (day of application).

Orientation will be held once on January 14th (application day) at C4 Atlanta. This session is mandatory for C4 Atlanta Members who have NOT completed the Ignite Seminar.

Bridge Program Monthly Premiums*

$27.00 – Single Subscriber
$49.00 – Subscriber & Child(ren)
$55.00 – Subscriber & Spouse
$82.00 – Subscriber, Spouse & Child(ren)

*Premiums are subject to change.

Income Guidelines (max income): 

Bridge Program Income Guidelines

Family Size

Monthly Gross Income

Annual Gross Income

























 For each additional person, add


First Website Bootcamp Showcase

Quite a while ago, we put together our first survey on TechsmARTs, in part, to find out what technological topics of interest we should try to cover for future sessions. One clear result of that survey: Many respondents wanted to know more about putting together a website. Is it even possible to put one together quickly, and at a low cost?

We realized this was not a topic that could adequately be covered in the course of a standard, hour-and-a-half-long TechsmARTs gathering. And while there are a fair number of tools available to accomplish the goal of quickly building a website at a very low cost, we have the most experience in using WordPress. Once you learn the basics of WordPress, it is not only much easier to put together a decent website in a very short period of time, but it’s also a great platform for building a website that will serve your long-term needs.

With all that in mind, we put together our first Website Bootcamp in mid-June. The Foundation Center was gracious enough to host the class. ClickHOST offered a hosting sponsorship. Binders came in with a sponsorship that helped us cover some of the costs of developing the content. In this initial offering of our two-day seminar, we covered a lot of material and gave everyone time to work on their own sites with the benefit of having one another and some volunteers to help out.

I’d like to take a few moments to highlight some of the websites that were built at the Bootcamp. All of these artists built their websites by the end of the Bootcamp: Read more