IGNITE lite is a *FREE one-hour training presentation for creative individuals about the importance of developing a sustainable business plan. Ignite Lite is made possible by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation. 

This session is designed specifically to travel to them college university/college classroom, community arts center, and more in the metro-Atlanta area. Contact us at actionteam@c4atlanta.org for more info or to schedule Ignite Lite for your classroom. 

*travel fee outside of the metro-Atlanta region

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What does Ignite Lite do?

IGNITE Lite channels some of the essential elements covered more broadly in our 8-week training seminar, Ignite, an entrepreneurship course designed for artists. IGNITE Lite addresses the question of why it’s important for artists to create a strategic plan for themselves, as well as the impact they can have on their career when they can articulate their mission statement and communicate their core values.

Participants will leave this session with these tools to help inform their careers:
  • The benefits and importance of developing a strategic business plan
  • A comparison of different business plan models
  • Clarification of personal and professional goals
  • Strategies for goal setting
  • Inspiration for continuing to examine core mission and values
What makes up Ignite Lite?

IGNITE Lite includes a lecture paired with a PowerPoint presentation as well as active participation through the inclusion of a Clarifying Exercise worksheet to be completed by the attending audience.

How much does Ignite Lite cost?

$100*   Free!  This presentation is currently available free of charge thanks to the support of the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation.

* additional fee may be added for travel outside of the 10-county Metro region of Atlanta.  Please contact Audrey Gámez for more info. audrey@c4atlanta.org

Where can Ignite Lite go?

IGNITE Lite is portable!  We can come to you.  We can also host a session here at the beautiful and centrally-located Fuse Arts Center, schedule-permitting.

We are also flexible! We can design IGNITE Lite to address specific issues related to the participants and possible time constraints between 45 min – 1.5 hours. We would be happy to discuss how IGNITE Lite can fit into your offerings to the creative individuals you serve!

Who is this class for?
This presentation fits into classrooms, lecture halls, art councils, and anywhere creative people gather in the pursuit of a creative career.

Scheduling Ignite Lite

To schedule an IGNITE Lite session, please fill out the interest form. 

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