Atlanta Unified Auditions

THe 2016 Atlanta unified auditions have come and gone…

Check back in November for the 2017 Atlanta Unified Audition & Designer Meet & Greet applications, guidelines, and more. Stay connected by joining our email list!


The Unified Auditions are the annual Atlanta professional theatre auditions which allow Equity, qualifying Non-Equity and Emerging artists, 18 years and older, to audition before Atlanta area & regional theatre companies.

The Unified Designer Meet & Greet is the Designer, Technician, Stage Manager, and Musician opportunity for resume and portfolio submissions to the same Atlanta area & Regional theatre companies.

Audition times are limited and all participants must submit an application and resume with Membership Dues to be considered for an audition slot. Please use the provided links to view Equity, Non-Equity and Emerging artists requirements, and to access the online applications.

Here’s some highlights from Unifieds 2016

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