Atlanta Unified Auditions


Recent college/university graduates who are 18 years and older as of March 18, 2015, may apply for the Unified Auditions using credits from school productions in order to meet the minimum non-Equity resume criteria outlined for the Unified Auditions. Please note these auditions are for theatre majors from a college/university or qualifying conservatory program (post high school). 

To qualify for this category you MUST: 

  • Have graduated or will be graduating with a theatre or other performing arts related degree after May 2013. 
  • Be an Individual Member of C4 Atlanta. You can join or renew your membership when submitting the application. 
  • Meet the Unified Audition minimum resume requirements of: 
    1. Five (5) full stage production credits from a college or university production
    2. Formatted so that full production stage acting credits appear first. If applicable, full stage production acting credits may be followed by categories for TV/Film, readings, workshops, other acting related experience, or other skills & educational experience. Credits for TV/Fil, readings, workshops, or other training program productions DO NOT qualify toward minimum credit requirements. 
  • Signed copy of the digital Student Credit Verification letter from your College/University Department Head verifying your college credits, and submitted with the application. This form can be completed at this link: 

If you are a student designer or technician please apply HERE, not on this page.

  • Auditions will be held at the Marcus Jewish Community Center, which is accessible to all performers.
  • Audition acceptance letters will be distributed no later than February 1, 2016
  •  If you are selected to perform at the Unified Auditions, you will be asked to submit approximately 50 headshots/resumes by March 1, 2016. The exact number of headshots required will be included in your acceptance letter.  NO EXCEPTIONS will be made for late headshots. 
  • If accepted, audition time slots will be 2 minutes during which you should be prepared to present either:
    • Two contrasting Monologues 
    • OR one Monologue and 16 bars of a song (Sheet music must be provided by you day of the audition; no a cappella singing will be allowed)

Questions can be sent to

Deadline Has Passed. No more applications will be accepted. 

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