Who are Atlanta Unified auditions for?

The Atlanta Unified Auditions are ideal for actors and performers looking for the next step in their theatre careers. They are meant to connect working, professional actors to theatres and casting directors across the Southeast region. 

After multiple surveys and conversations with artistic and casting directors from across the greater Atlanta area, C4 Atlanta recognized that auditors are interested in seeing new talent on the Atlanta Unified’s stage. “New” does not necessarily “young”. Auditors are interested in a diverse and professional group of Equity, Non-Equity, or recent college graduates who they may not have seen in the past. 

This may mean that if you have been seen at Unifieds in the past or are already a regular working actor in the area the Selection Committee may choose not to allot you an audition slot. This is not because you’re not qualified but because they may know/understand the scope of your talent and work already.

Actors at Atlanta Unified Auditions
Actor’s networking while they wait to audition. 
Actress performs a musical selection. Robert Strickland, accompanist.
Actress performs a musical selection. Robert Strickland, accompanist.

How does the selection committee and the review process work?

First: Applications are sorted by category and eliminated based on whether or not the applicant submitted a resume that meets the minimum requirements and a headshot that is of professional quality. All headshots and resumes must be in PDF format when submitted. Due to the volume of applications staff members cannot inspect submissions until all the applications have been received. Therefore C4 Atlanta cannot follow up with actors to request missing information or to reformat their submission materials. Failure to follow instructions during the submission process may result in automatic disqualification.

Second: Once applications have closed, a selection committee comprised of local Atlanta professionals will convene in private to review all qualifying resumes within their respective categories.

Selection Committee TBA 


The committee will be looking at several key factors in the determining the acting pool for the 20178 Unified Auditions. These include but are not limited to: 

New, Qualified talent
Strong Resume
Strong Presentation
Scoring System & Key Factors

It is important to note that the submission pool changes from year to year. Meeting minimum resume requirements and being accepted the previous one year does not guarantee acceptance. 

C4 Atlanta does NOT select actors for Unifieds. We are here to facilitate the process and provide administrative support. 

Why do I need to be a member of C4 Atlanta?

Memberships are a key factor in the Unifieds process. Not only does C4 Atlanta’s Basic Artist membership 

  • connect you to other artists through classes and member gatherings
  • amplify your artistic voice through advocacy work
  • create a thriving and healthy arts community

It also helps to make the Atlanta Unified auditions possible. Prior to any actor stepping foot on stage the C4 Atlanta staff has worked many hours to make this two day event possible. There are may cost associated with an event of this size such as table rentals, venue expenses, accompanist compensation, and so much more. Your $40 membership not only provides you with continued support and membership benefits (discounts, KP Bridge health insurance, cross memberships, etc) throughout the year, but it helps to make the Atlanta Unified Auditions a reality. 

Actors pose with their head shots at the 2016 Unified Auditions.


What if I don’t meet the minimum resume requirements?

As an actor it is often hard to self-evaluate your work and know exactly which category to apply under. The minimum resume requirements have been designed and established by the Atlanta theatre community as away identify if you’re ready for a professional audition such as Atlanta Unifieds. 

If you do not meet the minimum resume requirements and qualifications for a specific category it may not be wise to “apply anyways” as membership dues will not be returned if you’re not accepted. Resumes which do not meet minimum requirements will not be see by the Selection Committee and will receive an automatic “No Thank You”. 

This is no judgement upon your skills or previous history. Remember that a “no” is not a “never”. It may mean you’re not ready for Unifieds this year. Spend the year building up new credits and introducing yourself to companies in the area. Unifieds is not the only way to be seen in Atlanta. Consider mailing in your resume or attending open call auditions, and remember that regardless of whether you are accepted for an audition slot your headshot and resume will be made available to ALL participating auditing companies.