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One thing you can do this month…
Make a voting plan! With record turnout expected, a full-blown pandemic and cuts to our postal service, figuring out how to vote this year is going to be a difficult decision for everyone.

We’re here to help explain the ins and outs of early and absentee voting to help you make the best decision possible! This email is chock full of info about absentee and early voting to help you make your decision.

Looking for more tips and info? Check out our Voting information page on our Vote with Your heART website (new project coming in Fall 2020!)
 See our voter guides below in “Advocacy Updates” for information on how to vote absentee by mail or early vote in person.
Think it’s too early? County Elections Offices will begin sending Absentee Ballots on September 15, 2020 in Georgia. And in-person early voting begins October 12, 2020. Even if you do plan to vote in person on election day, November 3, 2020 will be here before you know it.

How to make your voting plan:Register to vote or check your voter registration. You can do both at Georgia’s My Voter Page. Deadline to register or update voter registration is October 5, 2020. If you are already registered, check that all of your voter information listed is current and your status is marked “Active”. Decide where and how you will vote. In Georgia, you have three options: absentee vote by mail, early voting and voting on election day. Due to delays in both post and wait times in person, it is highly encouraged that you vote early this year, no matter how you choose to vote.Find out if there are any additional steps you need to take in order to vote using your preferred method. For absentee voting, you will need to submit an application for an absentee ballot. VoteAmerica can help you send your absentee request online so that you don’t have to worry about mail delays.If you made updates to your voter registration or submitted a new registration without your ID, you may need to bring your current, valid Government ID with you to vote. Discuss your plan with friends and family, so you can help support each other in voting. Additionally, talking about your plans to vote and voting with others encourages them to vote as well!Ask others about their voting plans. Reach out to 5 other people and ask if they’ve made a plan to vote for the 2020 Presidential Elections. For younger voters especially, the #1 reason reported for for those that didn’t vote was that no one asked them to vote. With Love,
C4 Atlanta TeamA graphic with the text "What your actiosn did last month".Last month we asked you to…. 
Reach out to your Senators about COVID-19 Impact and the HEROES Act.
The U.S. House formerly passed the HEROES Act to continue to provide COVID-19 pandemic assistance to affected Americans. HEROES was intended to build upon the aid offered in the CARES Act. Some parts contained new aid while others fixed existing CARES programs or extended their length. On July 27, 2020 Senate Republicans released the HEALS Act, intended as a counter bill to the HEROES Act passed by the House. The goal is now to resolve differences between the two bills to pass legislation that could help those affected by COVID-19. Several key relief programs have ended recently, so there is an urgency for lawmakers to find a resolution. You can reach out to your senators to ask them to support additional COVID-19 relief for the arts and arts workers here.This month our updates are focused on helping you find out more about absentee voting and early voting in Georgia!A picutre of a button sitting in front of a stack of absentee ballot envelopes. The button has a red arrow pointing to the right and says "Vote by Mail"Absentee Vote by MailIn Georgia, you do not need a reason to vote absentee. Anyone may request and absentee ballot for any reason. Under some circumstances, some voters may be able to request that an absentee ballot be sent to them for every election. 

How to Vote Absentee by Mail in Georgia:Request an absentee ballot by submitting an absentee ballot application. You can download an absentee ballot application here that is fillable using Adobe Acrobat and either mail or email it to your county elections office. Or you can use VoteAmerica’s online service to submit your absentee ballot application electronically. Technically, you must submit your absentee ballot application no later than October 30, 2020, in order to receive a ballot. However, we recommend submitting it as early as possible because of mailing delays in order to make sure you receive it in time to return it before Election Day (November 3, 2020).Check that your Absentee Ballot Application has been received. You can do this at My Voter Page by signing in and clicking on “Absentee Ballot Status”.Receive your ballot and fill it out. Beginning September 15, 2020, county elections offices will begin mailing out absentee ballots. They will continue to mail these on a rolling basis as new applications are received. Once you have received your ballot in the mail, fill it out with blue or black ink by filling in the bubble next to your selected candidates. Place your fully filled out ballot inside the white safety envelope that accompanied your ballot. Then place the white envelope inside the yellow mailing envelope that also accompanied your ballot. Important: Sign the back of your yellow envelope to complete your ballot. If you make a mistake on your ballot, you can call your county elections office to request that a new one be sent to you.Return your ballot by November 3, 2020. You can return your ballot either in-person to your county elections office, by mail or to an authorized ballot drop box. To mail, place your envelope in the mail box in plenty of time for it to be returned. To use a ballot drop box, find the location of a ballot box in your county and return your ballot there. You can also bring your ballot to your county elections office directly. All ballots must be received by 7:00pm on November 3, 2020 in order to be counted.Check that your ballot has been received. You can do this at My Voter Page by signing in and clicking on “Absentee Ballot Status”. The date your ballot is received will show, and if your ballot was rejected, the reason why will also be displayed.A picture of a red arrow sign pointing right in front of some green bushes. On the red arrow, another white rectangular sign has been glued on top that says "Early Voting".Early VotingIn Georgia, voters may choose to vote in-person early for any reason. Georgia allows early voting before election day from October 12, 2020 to October 30, 2020. Dates, times, and locations vary by county, but all counties are required to have at least one Saturday early voting day on October 24, 2020. You must vote within the county in which you are registered, but there are typically fewer polling places open than for election day. You can vote at any early voting location in your county.

How to vote early in Georgia:Check your voter registration and the county in which you are registered to vote. You can do this at My Voter Page by signing in. If you are not registered in the county which you used to sign in, you will receive a message that says “Registration not found” with information about how to register to vote.Check early voting locations in your county. At My Voter Page, click on “Early Voting Locations”. These locations may not be available until closer to October 12, 2020. Times and dates available should also be listed.Pick a date and time to vote early, based on the times and dates listed in your county. Show up on the time and date you’ve selected, and cast your vote in person. You may need to bring a copy of your ID with you if you are a new registrant and did not submit your ID when submitting your voter registration.National Voter Protection Hotline The National Voter Protection Hotline is a phone number voters can call for voter information or if they experience any issues while voting. The hotline is a project of the Election Protection coalition, a nonprofit, nonpartisan coalition of over 100 organizations dedicated to ensuring that all voters have an equal opportunity to vote and have that vote count. Election Protection also has great state by state voting resources on their webpage.
 To report a problem or for general elections/voting questions call:  
866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) Check out Election Protection’s voting resourcesUpcoming Elections and Votes:
Special Election
Tuesday, September 29, 2020
(GA Congressional District 5 Only)

2020 Presidential Election
Tuesday, November 3, 2020A graphic with the text "Light Reading. A few things we found interesting."The Arts are Beautiful, The Culture is Not
“When you first begin working in culture, it can feel like being a member of the clergy: you work for a higher cause, take a vow of poverty, and get flagellated by senior members of the organization. This scenario, coupled with conditions that are endemic to many organizations — long hours, poor pay and extraordinary levels of stress — can combine into explosive stuff that leaves people with something akin to PTSD, all for the sake of making and presenting stuff that’s supposed to bring other people joy and pleasure.””By Dorothy Woodend | Released August 6, 2020 | The Tyee
 Read the full article hereA graphic with the text "Upcoming Events."Trying to become more civicly involved?
Check out these opportunities to get connected in neighborhoods across Atlanta.
August – September – October
Aug 27       Center for Civic Innovation: August Community Conversation
Sept 9        AARP Georgia: Voting Safely with Secretarty of State Brad Raffensperger
Sept 15      Georgia Counties Can Begin Mailing Absentee Ballots
Sept 29       National Voter Registration Day
Oct 5          Last Day to Register to Vote for the 2020 November Elections
Oct 12        
Early Voting Begins in Georgia
Oct 24         Mandatory Saturday Early Voting in Georgia
Oct 30         Last Day to Request Absentee Ballot or Vote Early
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